11 Best Callaway Irons in 2022 【For Beginners & Pros】

best callaway irons

Callaway has been one of the pioneers of making high-fidelity golf clubs in the sport. Popular amongst new players, their clubs give great accuracy and  faster ball speeds due to their brilliantly engineered heads.

So to find everything that Callaway has to offer, we prepared a comprehensive list of all the best Callaway irons we could find.

If you’re confused, scroll down to our little description of the clubs and how to choose the right one!

Best Callaway Irons 2022:

Here are the top callaway irons that you can get your hands on in the year 2022!

Callaway Golf Men's X Forged10/10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Callaway Golf Mavrik (Standard)9.5/10 Check Price
Callaway Men's XR OS9/10 Check Price
Callaway Golf Mavrik (Pro)7/10 Check Price
Callaway Golf Apex Pro8.5/10 Check Price
Callaway Golf Women's Rogue Hybrid 9/10 Check Price
Callaway Big Bertha B219/10 Check Price
Callaway Women's Mavrik Max8.5/10 Check Price
Callaway Golf Rogue X Combo Sets
8/10 Check Price
Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set
8/10 Check Price
Callaway Unisex's Edge
8.5/10 Check Price

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1- Callaway Golf Men’s X Forged Utility Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Men's X Forged Utility Individual IronWhy we love it:

  • Heavy-duty Utility Iron
  • Quality performance in class
  • Longer average distance

Longer lengthNone
Multiple loft degree options

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2- Callaway Golf Mavrik (Standard) Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik (Standard) IronWhy we love it:

  • Incredible ball speeds
  • Powerful launches
  • Unmatched comfort and handling

Nicer feel to the ironNo real AI computation within the iron as advertised
Respectable performance

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3- Callaway Men’s XR OS Individual Iron

Callaway Men's XR OS Individual IronWhy we love it:

  • Best Callaway irons in overall performance
  • Wider soles/more forgiving
  • Improved design for longer lofted distances

Easier to handleNone
Smoother feel whenever swung
Easier to hit longer distances

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4- Callaway Golf Mavrik (Pro) Iron

Callaway Golf Mavrik (Pro) IronWhy we love it:

  • For enthusiasts and better players
  • Compact size
  • Raw feel

Aimed towards professionalsNothing unique or different to the club except for the head shape.

5- Callaway Golf Apex Pro Individual Iron

Callaway Golf Apex Pro Individual IronWhy we love it:

  • Robust carbon steel body
  • Brilliant head shape design for improved performance

Good looking designNone
1025 mild carbon steel body

6- Callaway Golf Women’s Rogue Hybrid

Callaway Golf Women's Rogue HybridWhy we love it:

  • Premium hybrid clubs out there
  • Heavy duty
  • Made for women

Wider and deeper headNone
Great feel and sound

7- Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single Iron

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Single IronWhy we love it:

  • Industry-leading flash cup design
  • Exceptional flight and lofts
  • Durable

A higher level of performance every timeNone
Increased loft speeds

8- Callaway Golf Women’s Mavrik Max Hybrid

Callaway Golf Women's Mavrik Max HybridWhy we love it:

  • Higher lofting distances
  • Great handling

Great for smaller handsNone
Ideal for women

9- Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Sets and Combo Sets

Callaway Golf Rogue X Iron Sets and Combo SetsWhy we love it:

  • Set of 7 with brilliant clubs
  • You get a club for every situation

Great steel buildNot many options for set customization
High levels of performance

10- Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron Set

Callaway Big Bertha B21 Iron SetWhy we love it:

  • Several Big Bertha clubs
  • Best overall performance

Great Standard ironsNone
Decent steel build

11- Callaway Unisex’s Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right Handed

Callaway Unisex's Edge 10 Piece Golf Set-Right HandedWhy we love it:

  • 10 distinct clubs
  • High-quality clubs

Promising golf clubsNone
Best value for money


Callaway irons are any golfer’s top choice regardless of one’s skill level. The level of options and flexibility they offer makes it easy to find the perfect club. Add that with superb overall performance, it’s really hard not to recommend their products. If you’re on the search for some clubs, look no further than these!

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Buying Guide for the Best Callway Iron:

It might seem simple at first but Callaway offers a lot of variation in their products which could confuse even the experienced consumer. So to clear things up, we made a section other than our Callway iron reviews and lists to help you with your purchasing decision.

Models of Irons:

Callaway manufactures all their irons in three different categories: standard, max, and pro iron models


These are, as the name implies, standardized golf clubs that are made to suit most players’ playstyles. The clubs have moderate to minimal offset and head size to eliminate bad plays like missing golf balls or lower lofting heights. The main goal behind making these clubs is to assist players moderately without fully engaging in the strike and loft maneuver. If you’re past the novice stage on golf, these clubs would do just fine with you.


These clubs assist more in launch and forgiveness which make them the best choice for complete newbies waiting to start with the sport. They come in larger bodies and a deeper center of gravity that help people with loft speeds and smoother strike to ball. 


These clubs are made for enthusiasts and professionals who want the purest and rawest strikes from their clubs without any assistance in launches or lofts. This makes the clubs a lot lighter and much more compact, which helps in maneuverability. The only thing that stays in the technology like the 360 or the Flash Face cup to increase grip and enhance head-to-ball contact as much as possible.

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Types of Irons:


Forged irons can be best explained as a golf club sculpted from a single, large piece of steel. The steel-cut from the piece is then heated to mold into the clubs we use and love. These forged clubs provide robust performance which the highest durability standards.

If you’re a true enthusiast, you’d know how important it is to feel the steel vibrate as a signal to the amount of force exerted and given out. They have far better control and comfort levels with direct contact with the ball. Things like this make them very loved amongst professionals who have mastered the contract with the ball.


Made from steel as well but instead of being sculpted, the steel is heated and then molded into a club. This slightly compromises on overall robustness and the real feel of the contact in compassion to the forged irons. This works best for beginners as they require a little flex in their clubs with minimal assistance to help them develop their playstyle.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best Callaway irons for beginners? 

The best Callaway iron for a beginner is the Big Bertha B21 single iron. It is not only suitable for beginners, but high handicappers too. One of the reasons why the Big Bertha B21 is ideal for new golfers is that it is very forgiving. It’s one of the Callaway irons that are easier for beginners. The wide sole of the iron makes it easier to strike.

Another reason the Big Bertha B21 is best is that it’s an easy-to-launch iron. The designs implemented by the manufacturer allow the iron to produce higher launch, which means more distance, which is one of the essential elements to look for in a golf iron for beginners. 

Who produces Callaway irons?

Callaway golf irons are a product of Topgolf Callaway Brands Corp. The company designs high-quality golfing equipment that has become a staple in the sport. Apart from equipment, the company ventures into clothing and other golf-related materials.

Why do beginners need forgiving Callaway irons? 

Beginners need forgiving Callaway irons because they help reduce typical mistakes that a beginner would make when golfing. These irons have designs that minimize the effects of poor launch, swing, or ball contact. 

It’s not just beginners who will find Callaway irons with tons of forgiveness beneficial. High handicappers and even mid handicappers can find these irons incredibly helpful. Most people tend to steer clear of them because they feel like they don’t need them, but it’s good to recognize how a forgiving iron can improve your game.

Can low handicaps use the Callaway Mavrik (Standard)? 

No, low handicaps cannot use the standard Callaway Mavrik iron. The Callaway Mavrik standard iron is tailored toward high and mid-handicappers. This is a game improvement iron that is forgiving and creates further distance. The standard Mavrik iron is designed to make a straight ball. All these features are not required by a low handicapper or a professional.

The Callaway Big Bertha B21 Irons Vs. Mavrik (Standard): Which is better? 

Both of these Callaway irons are incredible. However, a few points differentiate them. 

The Big Bertha B21 gives a straighter, longer, and higher iron shot. It’s more forgiving and suitable for high handicappers. On the other hand, the Mavrik standard is ideal for mid-handicappers who do not struggle with making accurate shots. The Mavrik has more distance and less draw bias. 

When you’re looking for a Callaway iron, you should focus on the one that meets the needs you have, instead of looking for the one that’s most popular or cheapest.

Do any pro golfers use Callaway irons?

Yes, there is a large list of pro golfers that use Callaway irons. Some include Marc Leishman, Talor Gooch, Kevin Na, Laura Davies, Sam Burns, and many more. Pro golfers like Henrik Stenson use other Callaway equipment, like the Mavrik. 

Are Callaway irons expensive?

Yes, Callaway irons are on the expensive side. Since they use quality materials and recent technology to make their irons ideal for golf lovers, it makes sense that their irons would be pricey. Also, there are different types of Callaway irons with varying types of materials, which means their price range differs as well. There’s a good chance you will find something that suits you and doesn’t break the bank. 

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