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 This pandemic hits back the sports lovers more than anything else, restricting them at home away from the field. 

Golfers are also struggling to find ways that satisfied their craving for a golf course. But, the good news is that an indoor putting mat can hook you up to improve your putting skill at home when you are miles away from the golf course. So, if you want to increase your productivity while practicing how to putt successfully, indoor putting mats are the ultimate solution.

Despite all the information available on the internet related to the perfect putting mat UK, people often choose one that becomes nothing but a wasted burden to their pocket. Here, we provide you with a well-researched article that enlists only trending in the market. So, let move straight to the list.

Things to look for when buying Putting Mats in the United Kingdom:

  • Design Dimensions: All the indoor putting mats listed above come in different sizes and shapes. It depends on your requirements and the space you own to get your first putting mat. Large golf indoor mats always come at high costs and vice versa. For immature golfers who want to polish their principle skill of hitting strokes, an 8″ -11″ putting mat can do wonders. However, putting mats with large dimensions is suitable to acquire accuracy while putting to distant lengths.
  • Portable nature: People often place golf mats in a fixed position. However, when you need to roll them up, portability comes into consideration. Only those putting mats with good portability provide you with an easy to get it rolled up or folded when stored. The above-mentioned indoor putting mats have a great deal to offer you in terms of portability. 

 If you find yourself lost midway, be sure to check out buying guide! 

Best Putting Mat UK in 2022:

Here’s our list of the top putting mats in the UK for 2022.

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat10/10 [Editor's Pick]
SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green9/10
Pinemeadow Golf Women's PGX Putter8/10
PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat7.5/10
Millard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat8.5/10
SHAUN WEBB Profession Golf Putting Green8/10
XY-lle Home Golf Putting Mat8.5/10
TPGA Tour 6ft (1,8m) Automatic Ball Return Putting Mat8/10
Asgens Golf Putting Trainer , Double-Color Grass Golf Mat7/10
Champkey PUTTECH Pro Golf Putting Mat8/10

1. SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

SKLZ Accelerator Pro Putting Mat

Features we Love:

  • Promotes perfect alignments  for key putt lengths ( 3ft, 5ft, 7ft) 
  • Features Continuous gravity ball return for efficient strokes at particular putt distance
  • True-roll surface mimics the real-golf course conditions 

Modern designLittle expensive
Emulates real-green
Has a great feel

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2. SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

SKLZ Golf Indoor Putting Green

Features we Love:

  • Emulates actual putting conditions with true-roll surface and upslope cup
  • Elevate your potential of putting by practicing with three different cups
  • Offer aid to practice perfect putt- square up the face, maintain tempo and follow-through
  • Portable design to play putting wherever you want
Develops more challenging scenarios for perfect strokesNovice users might find it a difficult one
Emulates real-green
Portable design fits in anywhere

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3. PUTT-A-BOUT Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

PUTT-A-BOUT Grassroots Par Three Putting Green

Features we Love:

  • Evergreen putting mat made of durable PET Resin
  • Integrated sand traps patterns to clasp missed shots
  • Kidney-shaped design with smooth rolls
Non-skid resin backupmay curl up a little if rolled for long
Durable design with smooth rolls

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4. PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat

PuttOUT Pro Golf Putting Mat

Features we love:

  • 250cm by 50cm putting mat with accurate markings
  • Rubber backed design to support rolls 
  • Protective packaging  and great portability
aesthetic grey colorNone
easy to play on

5. Millard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat

Millard Golf 3-in-1 Turf Grass Mat

Features We Love:

  • 3-turf combination of- teeing, rough, and putting green
  • Great portability to carry into a small case
  • Realistic turf design for different lines of practice putting
Very close to real turf experienceNone
Easy to carry

6. SHAUN WEBB Profession Golf Putting Green

SHAUN WEBB Profession Golf Putting Green

Features we love:

  • Much broader and thicker design with accurate rolls
  • Rubber back for maximum support
  • Natural green feels for hitting strokes
Thick and wide surfaceLittle expensive
It gives true-rolls for natural putting 
Crease-free surface

7. XY-lle Home Golf Putting Mat

XY-lle Home Golf Putting Mat

Features we love:

  • Double-way design with TPR backing
  • Portable size with easy folding
  •  Premium quality surface for accurate putting
Easy to clean and durable matNone
smooth surface
Non-skid mat

8. PGA Tour 6ft (1,8m) Automatic Ball Return Putting Mat

Features we love:

  • Automatic ball return for fast retrieval of the ball after every shot
  • Sand and water hazards are available to hook up the wasted putts
  • Free DVD guide and target flag available. 
  • Inclined surface and with non-slip nature offers the combo to practice putts.
Fast retrieval of ballLittle expensive
Inclined surface ideal for putting shots
water hazards

9. Asgens Golf Putting Trainer, Double-Color Grass Golf Mat

Asgens Golf Putting Trainer , Double-Color Grass Golf Mat

Features we love:

  • 118″ length to 12″ expansive golf putting mat
  • Upslope cup, genuine roll surface, thick base
  • Features premium quality mat with three free golf balls
Color contrast that imitates real greenNone
Nonstop practice with continuous ball return

10. Champkey PUTTECH Pro Golf Putting Mat

Champkey PUTTECH Pro Golf Putting Mat

Features we love:

  • 8.9ft by 1.28ft putting mat perfect for putting at key-putting length
  • Very compact design and easy to carry
  • Intelligent ball-return system to maintain steady putting 
The upslope cup accelerates the strokesPlastic material is of poor quality
Easy to work it
You can place it anywhere with ease

Benefits of Using Putting Mats

Putting mats are great instruments for putting practice.

Your choice of mat design and build quality will determine how well it helps you improve your putting. Keep in mind that putting mats won’t be your only tool for developing a flawless putting stroke. 

Here are some of the benefits that come with using a putting mat:


In practically every sport, hitting balls repeatedly is important to progress. Golf is a game that, more than any other, requires a lot of practice to get better at.

Therefore, it stands to reason that having a putting mat at home will encourage you to practice your putting more frequently.

Improved Stroke

To further break down frequency and training, you should see an improvement in your putting stroke, which is the key component of successful putting. 

Of course, how well you do in your practice largely relies on whether you are doing the right things, but putting mats for sure will assist you in your putting strokes.


A player’s confidence can be boosted by practice and increased ability to locate the hole in addition to the technical advancements that can be gained by training on a putting mat.

It has been demonstrated that practice helps to increase both quality and self-assurance, and regularly honing your swing and distance control on a putting mat will undoubtedly help you a lot with that!

Some Additional Factors to Take Into Account Before Purchasing a Putting Mat

Here are some things to think about when considering to buy a putting mat:

What Do You Want to Practice?

There will be a mat specifically for you if you want to concentrate on one aspect of your putting. A lengthy putting mat will obviously aid you with tempo and distance control, while mats with openings will give you more comfort just by helping the ball land in the hole more frequently.

Choose a mat with openings and entertaining accessories instead if you only intend to use the mat for enjoyment rather than hard practice.


In connection with the previous point, consider how practical you want the putting mat to be, especially in terms of how simple it is to fold up and store. While some versions have a hole attachment that takes up a little more space, others roll up simply and readily in a bag.


Due to the fact that all you do on putting mats is putt, they should last for a very long period of time. Regardless, there are still certain models on the market that degrade too fast, which is why we compiled the models above (since none of them ought to behave in that way).

However, be wary of putting mats made of inexpensive materials because they won’t last very long.


Each putting mat has a different price, some because it is made of premium materials and others because of its size. But be prepared to pay a little bit extra if you want one that is larger and made of high-quality materials.


Hopefully, we helped you in a lot of sense to get your hands on one of them. If you are willing to start your journey in golf, we suggest you take a thorough look at this article before buying anything. As all putting mats share a common purpose of improving putting skills at home, they have the same engineering, features, and integration. Although, you should prioritize what is your real intention before selecting any golf mat in particular. You can hit this space for further information; till then, enjoy reading.  

Buying Guide for Best Putting Mat UK 2022:

Among the hoard of indoor golf putting mats claimed to have superior quality and improved features, narrowing down one is undoubtedly a nerve-wracking task. But there are few checking parameters to ponder on when buying one. Let’s have a quick review of some of the essential factors. 

The Authenticity of the Green Surface

The most crucial factor to consider is the trueness of green mats to judge how amazingly a putt rolls on the green. In this matter, one has to choose for specific design and quality material to achieve the actual true-roll, and that’s where the cost comes into a real contest. Therefore, it would be great to spend a handsome amount to have a mat that will go for years to practice putts. 

Ball Return Mechanism

You may not find this feature as essential as other factors. But once you practice putts on such advanced mats, you will never look back on the old-fashioned ones. 


Q1) Why do we need to settle on a high budget for putting green mats?

According to our observation, cost plays a vital role in differentiating indoor putting mats of superior quality from the poor ones. That’s why golf practice mat UK with more precise true-roll and reliable build does come at a high cost. Not only that, such putting mats are more likely to offer advanced features like automatic ball return. Inexpensive putting mat works well but is unable to sustain the pressure of regular putting practice. Therefore, it is advisable to handpick a putting mat that lasts long and is worthy of investment. 

Q2) How can someone alter the pace of golf putting green?

Each indoor putting mat, owing to the rubber base and putting green surface, has its speed. Still, you can change the speed of the golf mat to align it in correspondence to the putting conditions. To slow down its pace, you have to place the green mat over a thick surface such as carpet or over a hard rough surface to speed it up. 

Q3) How putting at home with a putting mat can help you increase your golfing skills?

Whatever sports you are in, it always requires your time, effort, and concentration to become its champion. The same is the principle of golf. If putting mats are used correctly, it can make a big difference in improving your skill. People often use their carpet or any rough hard surface to practice putts which is okay for once but for longer-term, putting mats are necessary. A suitable putting mat offers you a true-roll, defined speed, fixed alignment, and a lifelong experience much closer to the real-putting green, making you a putting expert like a bingo. 

Reference: Enhanced expectancies facilitate golf putting

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