10 Best Golf Pants for Cold Weather in 2022 【Reviewed】

best golf pants for cold weather

For a year-round sport that goes never out of fashion, you need the most fashionable, comfortable, and seasoned apparel for it. When it comes to the best golf pants for cold weather, you need a combination of comfort and style.

Getting a pair of pants for golf might seem like a redundant idea to you, but in reality, it can have a significant impact on the game. Yes, you can play in normal pants but you’ll miss certain things that would make your life on the course, a whole lot easier. Golf pants have deeper pockets, more legroom, comfortable fabrics, and better weather protection.

For summers you would want to go out in the sun in a lightweight and breathable fabric, but winters always require extra thickness and more layers to provide you comfort throughout the game. For most golfers, it may be a little confusing, overwhelming, or time taken to decide which one of the lots is perfect for them. If you need help in deciding which golf pants should you choose for the winters, you have landed at just the right place.

We hope that the shortlisted picks help you choose the best winter golf pants. If you want more information about them, please refer to buying guide.

Best Golf Pants for Cold Weather 2022:

Below are the top golf pants for cold weather, each carefully picked and reviewed in detail.

PGA TOUR Men's Golf Pant10/10 [For Men]
PGA TOUR Women's Golf Pant10/10 [For Women]
Amazon Essentials Classic-fit Stretch9.5/10
Under Armour Women's ColdGear Leggings9/10
Adidas Men's Ultimate Golf Pant8/10
Camii Mia Women's Winter golf Pants:7.5/10
Clothin Men's Softshell golf Pants8.5/10
Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tapered
Under Armour Men's Showdown

1) PGA TOUR Men’s Golf Pant

PGA TOUR Men's Flat Front Golf Pant with Expandable WaistbandWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Highly stretchable – would fit all sizes
  • 🡺Lightweight
  • 🡺Great value for the price
Machine washLittle longer inseam
15 years sun protection

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2) PGA TOUR Women’s Pull-on Golf Pant

PGA TOUR Women’s Pull-on Golf PantWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Attractive solid colors
  • 🡺Light and breathable
  • 🡺High-quality materials
Machine washNone
Moisture-wicking technology

3) Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-fit Stretch Golf Pant

Amazon Essentials Men’s Classic-fit Stretch Golf PantWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Can be machine washed
  • 🡺Wrinkle-free material
  • 🡺Lasts years
Excellent value for the priceSlightly heavier material
Trendy style, can be worn in office, travel, or casual

4) Under Armour Women’s ColdGear Leggings

Under Armour Women’s ColdGear LeggingsWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Dual-layer fabric
  • 🡺Dries super-fast
  • 🡺Always in fashion
Snug-fittingWears out faster than others
Stretchable and flexible

5) Adidas Men’s Ultimate Classic Golf Pant

Adidas Men’s Ultimate Classic Golf PantWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Moisture-wicking fabric
  • 🡺Highly stretchable
  • 🡺Breathable and lightweight
Grips the shirt perfectlyComparatively expensive
Extremely comfortable to wear

6) Camii Mia Women’s Winter Pants:

Camii Mia Women’s Winter PantsWhy we love it:

  • 🡺It is Windproof
  • 🡺Highly water-resistant
  • 🡺Extremely comfortable fabric and trendy look
Waterproof and windproofRuns small, choose an upsize
Unmatchable comfort


TRAILSIDE SUPPLY CO. Men’s golf PantsWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Can be machine washed
  • 🡺Great build quality
  • 🡺Snug fit
Perfectly stretchableShort inseam

8) Clothing Men’s Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo Pants

Clothin Men’s Softshell Fleece-Lined Cargo PantsWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Extremely comfortable
  • 🡺Great value for the price
  • 🡺Can be worn on any occasion
Articulated knees for mobilityWears off over time
Water repellent

9) Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tapered Golf Pant

Under Armour Men’s ColdGear Tapered Golf PantWhy we love it:

  • 🡺Fits perfectly well
  • 🡺Keeps you warm without overheating your body
  • 🡺4-way stretch allowing flexibility and mobility
Machine washablea bit pricey option

10) Under Armour Men’s Showdown Golf Pants

Under Armour Men’s Showdown Golf PantsWhy we love it

  • 🡺very lightweight for the warming effect they produce
  • 🡺Imported fabric
  • 🡺 A decent stretch
Wrinkle-freeA pricey option
Very comfortable


Comfort style and fashion are the top three priorities when it comes to any sort of apparel. When we talk specifically about the pants while golfing, the above-mentioned options have set the par high in these three basic qualities.

Hope it helped you and without wasting time you will now place an order to get your hands on one of them and will enjoy the winter season and golfing without any barriers.

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Buying Guide for Golf Pants for Cold Weather 2022:

Although pants are a pretty straightforward thing to look for, still there’s an adequate amount of explanation required. You see golf pants are a combination of multiple elements, functionality, and comfort is the most primary. You can get these golf pants for yourself if you have a wider budget, but if you want to go frugal, there are actually very few options that actually deliver quality.

So we thought it’ll be nice to highlight some of the main aspects that make or break a golf pant. Every point is very briefly described so that you can easily grasp the idea we’re after. The rest of the things have already been taken care of in our golf cold weather pants reviews above. That includes moisture control, inseams and price to value ratio.

Here are a few things you’d want to know if you’re unsure of what to look for in these golf pants:


A no-brainer, you should be looking for the fabric of golf pants prior to anything else. The basic formation of the pants is pretty standard all around and the only thing that distinguishes a comfortable pant from an agonizing one is its fabric. For cold-weather pants, you must look for warmer fabrics blended with more contemporary fabrics like fleece and cotton. Such materials will not only keep you warm but also comfortable throughout the game.

The Fit:

The fit, although it doesn’t look so important at first, is actually pretty important in the game of golf. A golf pant loose at the waistband or longer in length can affect your game highly. You’ll be more busy adjusting your pants rather than focusing on the game. Moreover, larger pants carry more weight, which can also hinder your posture and stance more than you’d like.


The pockets of your pants should be deep enough to put multiple things in. While playing, you tend to keep things like balls, a phone, GPS, and other things with you. If your pockets aren’t big enough, you’ll be putting more stuff into the bag.

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Can I get the golf pant a little over my size?

Our advice is, no. As mentioned before, excess fabric not only makes for an uncomfortable experience but also carries significant weight. The combination of both would make your golfing experience rather agonizing, which is something you probably wouldn’t want.

How much should I spend on golf pants?

In our search, we found multiple compelling options for less than $100. You can get pretty amazing deals even less than that, all of which are featured in our golf pant reviews above.

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