Best Putters for Claw Grip Review

We all deal with putts in our own ways, however since the anchoring ban was introduced in 2016, several golfers have been trying to find a method to come back on course. Until now, 2 styles have appeared to be most efficient – cross-handed (left-hand-low) and claw grip as well. We made up this best putters for claw grip review which will certainly put you into discovering of two things then – the claw grip itself and the most effective putters for that claw grip. Let’s start!

What Is a Claw Grip?

We want to start our best review by answering a question which is the most obvious – what is a claw grip, also known as pencil grip? In fact, there is a big amount of variants of the claw grip, and you may also create your own, however the fundamental concept is the same.

best putter for claw grip

The idea behind all this is just that you should take the normal grip with your non-dominant hand (for many players it is a left hand), and have the other hand just rest sideways of the shaft. As a result, you are in respectable alignment with your shoulders, which gives you a chance for a far better putt. This is a good way to help those of you who have troubles with forward folding or feel you get a little wristy.

This is an unusual way to kick the ball but it simply may work for those golf enthusiasts that have reached the point where they prepare to do anything to eliminate the yips.

It Is Not a Good Way Out for Slower Greens

On the other hand, this strategy is less than perfect for slower greens, as you need to put a little bit more effort for making the putt, so it’s impossible with one of your hands hardly leaning against the shaft. Anyway, the slower the greens you’re playing, the more loft you’ll need (four or even more).

However, provided that today’s greens are faster than they used to be, the claw grip is excellent, due to the exact same reason we stated above – you’ve had just one of your hands hardly on the shaft (or grip). In other terms, due to the fact that your lower hand is gently pressing the putter through as it goes, your touch will be much better.




best putter for claw grip

Callaway Odyssey White Hot RX Rossie Putter

best putter for claw grip

Callaway Odyssey O-Works #9 Putter

claw putting grip pros cons

Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

claw grip putter

Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 Putter

best putters for claw grip

TaylorMade TP Chaska Putter

best putters for claw grip

Ping Vault Voss Putter

best putters for claw grip

Ray Cook Blue Goose BG50 Putter


Best Putters for Claw Grip Review

Here you will find the best putter for claw grip review itself with claw putting grip pros&cons which will deep you into the topic trying to help you to choose the ideal one for you.

Advising something as individual as a putter is always an unthankful task because of the absence of common standards we have to operate with. However, having some average standards, we chose seven of what we believe are the very best claw grip putters on the marketplace.

1. Callaway Odyssey White Hot RX Rossie Putter

best putter for claw grip

The Callaway Odyssey White Hot RX Rossie is a great option if you’re trying to find an excellent putter for claw grip. But if you think of it, the considerable MOI of this club can help you with a wristy stroke all on its own, so you could not even have to utilize the claw.

You can get a very good stroke without putting a lot of effort due to the face balance, which matches the claw perfectly.


Besides, one of the essential marketing point of the Rossie is the White Hot RX insert, which builds upon the old White Hot and also makes a feeling face softer. Combined with the oval form, this provides you a suitable amount of precision and a great roll across the board.


  • Good visual tips
  • Fair price
  • Outstanding stability
  • Good choice of grips


  • The traditional look may not fit well everyone
  • Some would better had a heavier head

2. Callaway Odyssey O-Works #9 Putter

best putter for claw grip

Another product from our favorite Callaway, Odyssey, is a commonly used name when we talk about putters, and their O-Works #9 (and other O-Works items) display why.

What makes this very product one of the best claw grip putters is the microhinge insert (it’s precisely what it sounds like), which adds simply the correct amount of bounce you need on slower greens (exactly it is where the claw grip loses its ground).

Besides, the putter has Odyssey’s trademarked Versa positioning system, that makes aligning the putt unbelievably very easy.

However, it has some drawbacks because the presence and visibility of this system do not make it the pretties putter out there.


  • Strong feel with simply the right amount of "mush" in the feel
  • Perfect controlling of distance
  • Not so expensive
  • Plays perfectly on short putts
  • Well-balanced


  • Some gamers could choose greater than half-shaft offsets

3. Titleist Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 Putter

claw putting grip pros cons

If we talk about putters for golf enthusiasts with claw grip the Scotty Cameron Select Newport 2 is a nice choice but very expensive (imagine the apple iphone among golf putters). Despite this, we cannot deny the fantastic mastery of the Newport 2.

The vital function here is the vibration-dampening system that is implemented between the stainless-steel construction and the matching body, and the objective is to soften up the feel as much as it can do.

In addition, what distinguish the Newport 2 and all other Scotty’s putters is the face angle which is slightly higher that can be useful for you – 3.5 degrees. In spite of the fact that it’s very little, it really helps with forward press.

The fascinating component about the Newport is that each of the 3 shaft lengths (33, 34, and also 35 inches) has weights details to it (2x20gr, 2x15gr, and also 2x10gr, respectively), which are aimed at raising the stability.


  • Half-inch shaft modification available
  • Steady
  • Smooth as well as receptive
  • Perfect controlling of distance
  • Looks wonderful


  • High price

4. Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 Putter

claw grip putter

The Bettinardi Studio Stock #8 is a dream putter for the average golf enthusiast. To be honest, the entire collection looks very solid, but if you really want a blade, this is the way to go. 

If you’ve ever tried their Queen B series, you know what the F. I. T. milling is, because it makes the feel much softer and makes the sound very nice, even soft flump, and it also makes the sweet spot bigger if you contrast it to the old Bettinardi honeycomb milling.

And imagine all these factors which are complemented by the remarkably high MOI (for a blade), so now you see, you get a pretty good, borderline GI putter (but has a high price then).


  • Tight roll across the board
  • Good head form
  • Wonderful spot is easy to hit
  • Near mallet-like forgiveness
  • The mercury-gray design looks spectacular
  • Wonderful and soft feel


  • Could be a little bit much more informative on mishits
  • A bit expensive

5. TaylorMade TP Chaska Putter

best putters for claw grip

The TaylorMade TP Chaska is among the TP products which has been recently presented, along with the Ardmore (both clubs), so they’re not as present as Berwick, yet the period is still young.

It should be emphasized that Chaska has a very interesting style, a bit similar to the earlier TaylorMade Corza Ghost, however that’s not one of the most fascinating bits.

In contrast to other TP products, Chaska is made from an aluminum-zinc alloy, which, on the one hand, makes it rather soft, however on the other hand, it additionally implies a much less life expectancy.


  • Superb entry-level putter
  • 3.5-degree loft is good for claw grip putting
  • Not so expensive
  • Face-balanced


  • Use of stainless-steel could be better
  • Some players can be distracted by the hole

6. Ping Vault Voss Putter

best putters for claw grip

All you need to know about the Ping Vault Voss is that it is a classical-looking blade from Ping which is among the two such heads in their Safe line (in addition to the Anser 2, which is more similar to the cult Anser of Karsten Solheim’s).

We cannot say that one of them is better than another one in terms of technology used or performance, but if we are subjective, the Voss does have cleaner look and also smoother lines due to the scalloped back bumpers, that is also aimed at raising the MOI somewhat.

Without doubts, both items are really good if you want to find a blade for claw grip putting (primarily thanks to being rather lightweight, according to today’s criteria at least).

Like all the other products of the line, the Voss has the True Roll grooves on the face, really helps to keep the speed of the ball despite the place of hitting. It can seem to you impossible but all the center hits take the direction you want them to, and also off-centre ones will certainly roll in within the tap-in array.


  • Strong roll from any distance
  • Flexible shaft (31 – 38 inches)
  • Unusual amount of forgiveness
  • Perfect consistency
  • Available in 2 designs (Platinum and also Slate)


  • Some golf players prefer a heavier head
  • Could have a lower price

7. Ray Cook Blue Goose BG50 Putter

best putters for claw grip

If you are looking for a mallet putter for claw grip (if you favor blades, there’s the BG40), the Ray Cook Blue Goose BG50 is a really good option for you as it is just 355 grams of weight (not counting the dead weight).

If you’re a fan of Scotty, you are possibly aware of the fact that the original Blue Goose was his design, when he was a worker in the company in 1990, so you understand the design is sound.

One of the most intriguing function about the BG50 (and also its blade counterpart) is the double milled face which enables you to have a surprisingly good range control. If you choose this one, you will get a gorgeous entry-level club with the high MOI.


  • Weight is well balanced
  • Very affordable
  • Good forgiveness is provided by its shape
  • Good range control
  • Deep face milling helps maintain the ball speed constant


  • Not every person like the design
  • Some golf players prefer a heavier one


So now you know the top 7 putters for claw grip. Of course, none of these were made especially with this design in mind, yet they do appear when you contrast the PGA pros, their grips as well as bags.

Naturally, we can apply the same old caveat here to everything connected with putting – the thing is that you simply could not “really feel” any one of the flatsticks on our checklist until you buy it, and that is normal. Anyway, you can directly go to the retailer and have a look on all listed putters. Given you have a lot of knowledge thanks to our top review, you will be able to understand whether one of the putters is a good option for you or not. Good luck!

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