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wilson ultra golf club review

We can advise you of any equipment which you need when playing golf but as you have already known, there is no more crucial than the choice of your golf club. It can impact your game a lot and you are aware of it. So Wilson Ultra Golf Club review is here to help you.

And for golf enthusiasts who have just started playing this game, all these golf sets which are aimed at improvement of your performance frequently tend to be a good start point as they are not only quite affordable but also let you improve your performance on the golf court very much.

As we have a lot of market leaders which are on the market nowadays, we cannot avoid looking at the Wilson Males’ Ultra Complete Package Golf Set, the success of which is built on the older variation which was developed before.

By developing this very set, Wilson has concentrated on producing clubs that are aimed at improving your goal, range, and accuracy – and all of these features are supplemented by perfect forgiveness to help you find the sweet sport very fast.

The small size of it is also an advantage and one more good reason to choose it.

Being very large fans of the Wilson brand, it’s with a lot of pleasure that we recommend you the Ultra Complete Package Set so you should definitely try it. All requirements are met and every base is covered, so these clubs are going to give a good starting point for all golf beginners.

Now you will find our Wilson Ultra Golf club reviews for the Ultra established as part of our Best Golf Clubs for Beginners top review.

Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set Review

wilson ultra golf clubs

The Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Set is made up of a 460cc titanium club, fairway wood, hybrid, 6-PW irons, as well as an aesthetically pleasing heel-toe putter. When you buy it, you will also have a lightweight ergonomic stand bag with many pockets and enough space to put all the stuff you need.

You can find some offers of Wilson Ultra Golf set on Amazon.com. And in case you are lucky to find a less expensive set, just let us know, please.

Unfortunately, British golf players which are now reading this Wilson Golf Club reviews, cannot have the Men’s Ultra shipped to the UK from Amazon.com.

If it is difficult for you to find this very equipment from various other sellers at a good price, we have another outstanding option to offer and it is the Wilson Men’s Profile XLS Complete Package Golf Set.

Wilson Golf Clubs Review – General Analysis

It should be emphasized that Wilson has not invented something absolutely new, however, what they have actually done is included incremental technical enhancements to make this one of the most all-around, flexible, and forgiveness in the golf business. The 460cc titanium driver has a massive sweet spot, and a low center of gravity that ensures you distance, an easy launch, and also a lot of possibilities to fix your negative strikes.

While the club is possibly the main attraction, we were also surprised by the feature boundary weighting on the steel-shaft irons, which restrict the shape on mishits such that the ball keeps incredibly going straightly. It gives you more control, of course. No problems about the fairway timber or hybrid, and the putter has a strong feeling to it. This perfect Wilson Ultra Golf Club set is completed by a stand bag that looks like a very appealing improvement on its counterpart – which quite well represents this game enhancement Wilson Ultra Complete Golf set on the whole.

Incredibly forgiving and simple to strikeLittle space between hybrid and 6-iron
Steel-shaft irons supply a lot of control and precisionLittle expensive than the older version
Putter lines up wonderfully & paddle hold is a wonderful touch
Ergonomically-designed stand bag is not heavy
Available in both right and left-handed mixes

What’s Inside the Wilson Ultra Bag? Features & Accessories

wilson ultra golf club reviewsIf you want to know just 2 words that can describe Wilson Man’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set so here they are: quite forgiving and very simple.

It can actually be a good competitor to other game improvement sets, with a perfect package that works well in all areas. Right here is what you’ll discover inside the bag!

Driver: The bag has a 460cc titanium driver which surprised us with the forgiveness and distance it provided. It is a combination of both a warm face and a low center of gravity, and just believe us, the ball absolutely flies off the clubface and very far. And be sure that the sweet spot is enormous! Being the somewhat inconsistent striker of the golf ball that I am, I struck several shots out the heel and also toe – yet barely a lawn was shed. As well as, as a little bonus offer, it’s easy to follow the ball too.

Fairway timber and hybrid: The timber is appreciably smaller than the driver in regards to head dimension, so I presumed there would be a notable inconsistency in terms of forgiveness. However, that wasn’t the situation. In fact, it has such a simple launch, and also enough loft that you should be able to discuss most lies without too much worry. The crossbreed combines this well. Actually, the only critical point here is that it did seem to have a higher-than-average trajectory when I hit it. However, for beginners that is the crucial point which they try to find in a hybrid, so it always depends on your preferences. Yet, in general, you won’t be let down with the feel and efficiency of these items.

Irons: The irons vary from 6-9 and a PW, and this very fact was an absolute surprise for me in this set. The problem with beginner irons is having something forgiving, but not so big at the same time, and it is Wilson that has balanced these factors perfectly. Furthermore, you can feel like the ball essentially comes off the clubface like a frozen rope, also when you mishit it. If you deal with a large piece or coming to the top, you’ll be actually delighted to see how this one maintains your ball down the straight and narrow. It somehow connected not only with a big sweet spot but also with the perimeter weighting, which substance that strong significance of forgiveness.

Putter: Wilson has actually gone with a heel/toe positioning putter, which is pretty lightweight, but still quite constant. I can say for sure that it is very good because I had excellent success even from close range. Nevertheless, it is not the result of distance controlling, but the insertion on the face provides a smooth feel at the contact point.

Accessories and Bag: The stand bag is most likely one of the most significant improvements from the previous version of this set. Although the color is the same, the lightweight, ergonomic layout will certainly guarantee that your shoulders do not have much pressure, but at the same time, you have a big amount of pockets so you can put there everything you need to carry with you (there is also one big pocket for clothes). Although they don’t have a big number of devices and accessories, it includes a raincoat, headcovers for clubs, wood and hybrid, and also a lug backstrap. The most important thing about this bag is that your shoulders feel well with this bag on them, and we can say that it is rather durable as well.

Why do you have to purchase the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Golf Set?

For those who are beginners in the golf game, and also want to obtain their handicap down, it will be impossible for you to find golf clubs that give you as much forgiveness as they do. But it is not just that because the huge clubheads and sufficient sweet spots still give you lots of control, with great feedback on your shots also.

This set has a very good price so you are not supposed to spend a fortune on this. There are also better booming sets out there in regards to the number of clubs in the bag. Yet, if you’re simply beginning to play golf, and also are much less worried concerning plugging marginal range spaces between clubs, the Wilson Men’s Ultra Complete Package Golf Set is among the best choices if you want to improve your game which you can find on the marketplace.

Without any doubt, this brand name is the main actor in the beginner golf club sphere and has consistently established the pace. This set is perfect like the other ones produced by Wilson, and we don’t hesitate that it is a very good choice whether you are a beginner or an experienced golf player.


Overall, it would be difficult to find a better starter set than the Wilson Ultra Clubs if you’re seeking an economical way to enter the world of golf. This is a fantastic set of clubs with a variety of types appropriate for various courses and a superbly constructed driver.

Along with a fantastic set, you also receive a carrying bag with a professional appearance for free, making it even more appealing.

It is jam-packed with features made with beginners in mind, like a driver with a sizable sweet spot and a respectable selection of irons.

We have no problem recommending this to anyone looking to start playing golf without paying a fortune because it is so affordable and offers excellent performance.

It could be lacking some specifications that seasoned golfers might need, but overall, this is a perfect introduction to the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is the target market for Wilson golf clubs?

The Wilson golf club set was created with newcomers to the game of golf in mind. This is a great beginner set of golf clubs whether you’re an adult with some weekly free time or a beginner golfer who aspires to compete against the best.

Golfers of all abilities can benefit from semi-adjustable clubs since you can discover a club-length sweet spot that works for your height. Contrary to what many people think, you don’t need to spend a fortune to get a great golf set with the discounts like this one that is now available.

What clubs does a novice need?

Any golfer who wants to keep up with the pack and put the ball in the cup easily has to have a few basic clubs. Most likely, a driver would be the first club you use. Drivers are used to extend your initial distance off the tee, which will give you a significant advantage.

A fairway wood, which is effectively a driver more suited for par-4s and par-3s, and a strong assortment of irons are other essential clubs for every player. 

Does golf require a lot of money to be enjoyable?

Golf doesn’t have to be an expensive game, despite the widespread misconception to the contrary. Setting up for the golf course is relatively affordable with packages like the Wilson Ultra golf kit.

Like any other activity, you will need to invest some money if you want to acquire good equipment. However, golf shouldn’t be significantly more expensive than any other hobby out there for a beginner to enjoy. 

Can Wilson Ultra golf clubs provide good distance?

Yes. The Wilson Ultra golf clubs’ extreme lightness is the main contributing element to the reliable distance you may achieve with them. Due to their modest weight, the majority of clubs sold to a beginner golfer are quite simple to swing quickly.

True distance technology, on the other hand, will cost at least twice as much as the Wilson Ultra full set in the novice market. 


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