Kirkland Golf Ball Review: Can You Get Tour Performance at a Costco Price?

kirkland golf ball review
kirkland golf ball review

If you have ever played golf in your life then you know well that it is not among the most budget friendly hobbies to have at all. Between memberships, Kirkland Golf Balls, price of equipment, green fees, cart services, and various other golf expenses such as golf clubs, shoes, and also gloves, the typical golfer invests more than a couple thousand dollars per year in order to continue playing golf.

Golf balls can take up a large part of a golf enthusiast’s annual budget regardless of their skill degree. Nevertheless, you can’t play without golf balls and even the very best golf players will certainly lose a few throughout the period.

This is the reason why the release of Kirkland golf balls is so interesting – golf balls promising good prices even for golf players with tough budget. Costco’s house brand name Kirkland is preferred for its quality in a lot of groups but does that reputation spread on the golf balls sector? Further you will find Costco golf balls review.

The difficulty the Kirkland brand golf balls face

Experienced golf enthusiasts have a tendency to have solid brand name loyalty as well as can be really challenging to guide to newcomers in the sector. Can Kirkland golf balls truly compare to the titans of the golf sector like Titleist, Taylormade, Srixon, and also Callaway? We want to figure this out and also offer you our top Kirkland golf ball review with the products from Kirkland Signature golf ball line.

Let’s discover if the Kirkland golf balls are a good alternative which you should have in your golf bag or if they are a disappointment at all.

Revelation: We obtain some compensation from the business whose products we assess. However, it should be emphasized that we are independent and the points of view shared right here are objective.

An Overview of Kirkland Golf Balls

Costco has actually created 2 kinds of Kirkland golf balls for golf enthusiasts to pick from. The initial Kirkland Signature Golf Balls were a four-piece construction that promised to fly very long distance, have good spin and also nice feel. In spite of the fact that these balls are now out of stock, you could still try to find some offer for sale on the Internet. More information about that you will find later on.

Their current offer, the Kirkland Signature three-piece Golf Balls are at the mid-range of the marketplace with a rate that need to attract golfers who have different level of skills. These are the balls you are most likely to find today as Kirkland is embroiled in a legal battle with the manufacturers of Titleist golf balls over the style of their initial four-piece ball.



Kirkland golf balls and Costco

While Kirkland is not a widely known brand in the golf industry, every person who has ever used Costco products recognizes the brand name is synonymous with top quality. In fact, Costco says that the high quality of all Kirkland products need to fulfill or surpass the leading nationwide brands. That means these golf balls could be equal to or much better than the brands that set you back significantly more at your local golf store.

The Kirkland golf balls make use of a urethane cover which offers a softer feel when compared with other golf balls. Naturally, feel can be really subjective for golf enthusiasts that have varying swing rates, skill levels, as well as playing styles.

kirkland golf balls

What Helps Make Kirkland Golf Balls Distinct?

You will find it out in our Kirkland Signature Golf Balls Review!

In general, externally, company who makes Kirkland Signature golf balls is sure that they are premium as well as supply a lot of the features you would find in much more expensive golf balls. Having said that, that all implies absolutely nothing if the balls do not do like they are anticipated to perform during the game.

You could be surprised exactly how a Kirkland golf ball is different from one of the most preferred golf balls on the marketplace. The fact is that the largest variation comes down to the price. Given that Kirkland uses a golf ball producer that also helps make golf balls for other brands it aids to keep their expenses down.

The authentic four-piece building with a urethane cover is actually never one-of-a-kind with most well-liked manufacturers using an identical development. Additionally, the components and guarantees offered due to the Kirkland golf balls are similar to what you might speak with various other companies.

It is actually pretty very clear that Kirkland is positioning their golf balls as an economical choice for individuals that are fed up with paying a fortune for golf balls that ends up in a river or even in a rainforest.

Just how can Kirkland sell golf balls at such a low cost?

kirkland signature golf balls review

They do not pay a lot of money on some promotional campaigns for these golf balls. You won’t find best PGA players utilizing Kirkland golf balls as part of a sponsorship bargain or even appearing in Kirkland commercials that play in between the activity at the next primary competition.

Kirkland is additionally utilizing a regular golf ball concept while producing so they did not put a great deal of cash into experimentation and research.

These golf balls are not meant to revolutionize the business or even alter the game. As an alternative, Kirkland merely wishes to use a low-budget option for golfers hoping to decrease their annual budget.

Public Perception of Kirkland Golf Balls

Thus, just what individuals think about these affordable golf balls? Or do you want to know – who makes Kirkland golf balls? Browse the world wide web as well as you will definitely find different feedback and full information about the company.

When Kirkland golf balls were introduced to the marketplace, people enjoyed. A four-piece golf ball that might take on the ever-popular Titleist Pro-V1 golf balls at a fraction of the cost was, understandably, major information in the golf world.

Golf forums as well as social networking sites web sites like Reddit sprang the Kirkland golf balls (more popularly described as K-Sigs) right into a form of individual hero condition. Folks started cutting the balls in half to contrast the construction with other top brand names. Golf magazines and amateur golf enthusiasts matched up the performance of the ball with other high doing golf balls to figure out that Kirkland Signature golf balls met all the requirements.

People emptied to buy the balls that came to be incredibly popular overnight. Costco sold out in-store as well as internet so fast. When they were in stock again, it was gone virtually right away. This deficiency just served to build the hype.

And afterwards the legal action came down.

Effectively, to be exact, there are in fact two legal actions on the course. Acushnet, the parent firm of Titleist, sent out a letter to Costco suggesting all of them that they were actually infringing on existing patents. Kirkland answered by taking legal action against Acushnet who subsequently responded with their personal countersuit.

Probably preferring to prevent any type of additional potential damages, Costco revamped the Kirkland Signature golf balls to the three-piece layout that is actually presently offered. This is actually where the quality became lower which is an obvious scenario when a manufacturer relocates from a four-piece to three-piece style.

kirkland signature golf balls review

From four-piece to three-piece design in our Kirkland 3 piece golf ball review

Nonetheless, this dip in high quality was actually relatively substantial. If you search online for notions concerning the brand new Kirkland golf balls 2020, you will definitely be disappointed. A once-beloved golf ball has actually ended up being merely another gamer in a big industry.

The charm of a scenic tour high quality golf ball at a mid-range rate has actually disappeared. Right now the three-piece golf ball competes with comparable balls as well as the costs difference is a lot less recognizable than when it was actually being compared beside the leading brand names offered.

On the Internet the buzz has actually waned significantly, and also most discussion neighboring Kirkland Trademark golf balls concerns when or even if the outdated construction is going to ever before go back to stores. Obviously, having legal actions, the response to that inquiry is still unsettled.

It appears that Kirkland golf balls appreciated that they became on top of the golf world very quickly but they also lost their position very rapidly as well. Yet has the ball improved enough to make it worth your green?

How Kirkland Golf Balls Compare With the Competition

costco golf balls review

If we look at this product from the point of price, Kirkland is still an incredibly affordable golf ball in the three-piece category. Individuals that yearn for an excellent golf ball at a good price will certainly still appreciate the value supplied by the current offering of Kirkland golf balls.

The three-piece Kirkland golf balls may be competitive with other balls which are on the market, however they have improved. This is possibly very most noticeable when you consider Kirkland’s personal data submitted to the USGA when registering the golf ball with golf’s regulating body in the United States.

When a manufacturer enrolls their item along with the USGA, they need to deliver their own testing relevant information and also the scores that coincide with the results they discovered. Kirkland submitted their new golf balls with an M-H score.

To the amateur golf player, that says absolutely nothing. There is actually no other way to tell an M-H measured ball from other balls by taking just a look at them. There is actually no mention of this particular reality on the retail packing. Even if there was, a lot of individuals would certainly have no suggestion what that is all about.

Practically, M-H defines the spin score of the Kirkland golf balls as offered by golfs controling body system the USGA. The first letter M represents a tool spin rating when hit with a driver. While the H represents a higher spin fee reached off of a quick iron.

Along with a medium spin cost off the driver players who usually tend to hit hooks or even cuts might see that the Kirkland balls might draw attention to those mishits however not as much as a higher spin ball. Furthermore, gamers who prefer stopping power around the greens for correct discharges will certainly be glad to discover that Kirkland balls are actually measured to quit like various other high spin ranked balls on the market place.

In two of the most essential dimensions of a golf ball’s efficiency, Kirkland may stick to the leading offerings in the business as well as rests along with or even slightly higher than the majority of mid-range or low-end golf balls. This option is not precisely the item with the performance which all customers wanted to have for this money but still it is far better than others in the same price category.

who makes kirkland signature golf balls

What Are the Main Advantages and Benefits of Kirkland Golf Balls?

Kirkland golf balls have many advantages and perks. However, the following features make these golf balls the most wanted:


You can expect to achieve excellent distances, as these golf balls are intended for medium and high-handicap players. Golfers seeking both distance and feel near the greens will find Kirkland’s ball to be quite appealing.

Soft Cover

The 3-piece version’s urethane cover is another significant feature. This type has a fantastic feel for a distance golf ball. In addition, this golf ball is very durable.

There aren’t many balls designed for average golfers that have a soft cover, but Kirkland balls do!


For many players, one of the most important factors to keep in mind is price. It’s a good idea to purchase golf balls that won’t make you feel bad if you lose them, and the cost of losing one of Kirkland’s golf balls is relatively low! 

Final Thoughts on the Kirkland Golf Balls

Kirkland appeared on the market and took the golf planet immediately. That buzz happened very fast, and then this hype has vanished as quickly as it appeared. While a legal action made Kirkland to stop – at least temporarily – the creation of their unbelievably prominent and well-reviewed four-piece ball.

The brand new three-piece Kirkland golf balls are actually a solid initiative from Costco’s in-house brand to deliver a premium golf ball at an unbeatable price. However, Kirkland’s own screening reveals that there is a light decrease in performance from their well-liked four-piece balls.

So should golf enthusiasts take into consideration Kirkland golf balls when they are trying to choose?

Of course, they should. There is still a market of golf enthusiasts that will definitely value Kirkland golf balls regardless of whether they don’t deliver Kirkland Signature tour performance at a weekend warrior price.

Players who do not need the very best equipment and also want to save amount of money on their cherished hobby are going to still have pleasure from playing with Kirkland golf balls. They are still not so expensive in comparison with other mid-range golf balls. Players with double-digit handicaps won’t see an extensive distinction in efficiency when contrasting Kirkland golf balls with other balls which we have on the marketplace.

kirkland golf balls 2020

Three-piece Kirkland golf balls

Nonetheless, gamers with lots of experience who want the best efficiency from their golf balls may be somewhat dissatisfied with the new three-piece Kirkland golf balls. The brake force around the greens has actually improved since the three-piece was introduced but may not be up to tour-level which players want to have in the authentic 4-piece ball.

Four-piece Kirkland golf balls

If you used to have the Kirkland four-piece golf balls and you are actually wishing that these brand new balls are actually a deserving substitute, after that you might be a little sad. In reality, if you are actually seeking similar efficiency that the four-piece Kirkland balls have, it will be better for you to have a look at another brand name but that will absolutely cost you a fortune.

Nevertheless, if you do not want from them a perfect performance, you will take pleasure from the Kirkland golf balls wherefore they are actually: a very budget friendly ball for gamers that may not be enough professional players. Kirkland may be your new go-to brand name.

Anyway, watch on what is going on with Kirkland’s golf ball legal action. If the four-piece balls are going to be back in stock, you should not hesitate when choosing to buy a box. Kirkland knows exactly how to create golf balls; it is just a concern if the legal issues are a big problem or not.

Certainly, one of the very best parts when you want to buy Kirkland golf balls is actually stopping at the Costco food court to have these tasty and not expensive hotdogs. Have you ever seen that golf ball suppliers offer a deal like that?

kirkland golf ball review


Do Kirkland golf balls work well for slow swing speeds?

Yes, golfers with slow to medium swing speeds are encouraged to use Kirkland golf balls. With a soft cover that gives you the most distance and the best control around the green, they provide the best results.

Are Kirkland golf balls suitable for amateur players?

Yes, Kirkland golf balls are among the leading brands for beginners and mid-handicappers, primarily due to their weight and longevity. They are not expensive, in addition to being of high quality, so you won’t feel bad if you lose them.

What country produces Kirkland golf balls?

China is where Kirkland golf balls are made. The same business that manufactures TaylorMade and Nassau golf equipment also produces these items. To reduce production costs, a lot of golf-related products are made abroad.

Are Kirkland golf balls soft?

In comparison to other golf balls within the same cost range, these balls seem to be quite soft. The majority of golf balls at this cost are quite hard. Golfers seeking both distance and feel around the greens will appreciate the ball that Kirkland has developed. You can take under control delicate shots better thanks to their soft cover’s spin-adding properties.

Is there spin on the three-piece Kirkland golf?

Yes, there’s a good chance you’ll generate a lot of spin around the greens whenever you strike a golf ball with slightly greater compression and three pieces. However, always keep in mind that Kirkland golf balls also function as distance balls. As a result, they start off the tee with less spin.

Do Kirkland golf balls last long?

The Kirkland golf ball has a urethane cover, meaning it will provide you with exceptional durability in spades. Expect to use this ball for several rounds before noticing a scratch or scrape. However, since this ball has a higher compression, Kirkland naturally expects some players with quicker swings to use it, which means players have a much better likelihood of cutting the golf ball with a wedge or iron. 

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