10 Best Backyard Golf Nets in 2022 【For Home Use】

Best Backyard Golf Nets

 Golf is a game that requires precision and patience. 

A game only for those who know how to wait it out! Golf requires vast lengths of land that not everyone can afford but as they say, Ones that are passionate can sort their way out. If you don’t want to drive all the way to the course or you want to ace the game and want to practice it as much as you can, then keep reading.

A solution for everything has now been invented so why should golfers suffer? The internet is flooded with golf backyard hitting nets but we can sieve through them for you. We bring you the top 10 backyard golf nets that not only perform but are durable and a bang for your every buck.

Buying Guide for Golf Nets for Backyard:
  • User Friendly: A home backyard golf net should be designed in a way that makes it easy to assemble and dismantle. If hours are spent only in setting up the golfing nets for the home backyard and mat then where is the fun. It will not only kill your enthusiasm but rather make the game feel like work instead of recreational activity. 
  • Size: Every house has a different space and a different sized net. One net may not be the fit for all so, to avoid the netting hovering above the head and seeming overwhelming, you must choose a net that’s an adequate fit. You can choose any from the list above according to your preference. 
  • Stability and Durability: Golf is a hard-hitting game, it is only necessary for the net to be stable and durable. A stable net will ensure precision other than fewer broken glasses and let you go full power on those shots. For a net to be durable you will have to choose a strong frame.

Best Backyard Golf Nets of 2022:

Check out our top backyard golf nets list:

Keenstone golf net practice set10/10 [Editor's Pick]
Golf Net Bundle9/10
Rukket 3pc Golf Net Bundle8/10
Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf Net8.5/10
IPOW Golf Practice Net8.5/10
SAPLIZE Golf Net with Hitting Mat8/10

WHITEFANG Golf Net Bundle

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net
SAPLIZE Golf Practice Net 8/10
Golf Practice Net, 10x7ft8/10

1. Keenstone golf net practice set

Keenstone 10x7ft Portable Golf NetFeatures we love:

  • Sturdy Design
  • Optimal size and dimensions
  • Durable, longlasting materials for the net

✅Built with durable materials❌Will not withstand a heavy wind
✅Portable❌Folding down takes practice. 
✅Ball return feature

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2. Golf Net Bundle 4pc

Golf Net Bundle 4pcFeatures we love:

  • 10 feet length
  • Easy to set up and disassemble
  • Included golf mat

✅Lightweight and easy to carry❌Difficult to store
✅Easy assembly

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3. Rukket 3pc Golf Net Bundle

Rukket 3pc Golf Net BundleFeatures we love:

  • Very portable, can fit in a small bag
  • Very affordable
  • Perfect for beginners in golf


✅Easy set up❌Might get holes in net over time
✅Lightweight ❌The bigger bag may need assistance in being carried.
✅Budget friendly

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4. Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf Net

Hit Run Steal Heavy Duty Golf NetFeatures We Love:

  • Large and extensive frame
  • Heavy-duty net
  • Perfect for larger backyards
  • Exceptional build quality

✅Large and strong hitting net❌No ball return technology
✅Weighs less❌Metal joints can be rusted if not stored properly
✅Easy assemble
✅Withstand heavy wind

5. IPOW Golf Practice Net

IPOW Golf Practice NetFeatures we love:

  • Best target practice design
  • Hut shaped net to house shot golf balls

✅Automatic Ball return feature❌Relatively heavy
✅Easy set up
✅Large practice area

6. SAPLIZE Golf Net with Hitting Mat

SAPLIZE Golf Practice NetFeatures We Love:

  • Highly portable
  • Multiple targets and practicing options
  • Best visibility in class
  • high quality net


✅Ball return technology❌Unsuitable to leave it out for a long time.
✅Large and durable net
✅Perfect for indoors and outdoors

7. WHITEFANG Golf Net Bundle Golf Practice Net

WHITEFAnG Golf Net BundleFeatures We Love:

  • Large surface area
  • Comes with 3 golf mats
  • Better for bigger backyards

✅Automatic ball return facility❌Fiberglass has the capability to shatter under some circumstances
✅Carry bag for portability

8. GoSports Golf Practice Hitting Net 

GoSports Golf Practice Hitting NetFeatures We Love:

  • Best compact hitting mat
  • ball return technology
  • Lightweight design

✅Quick setup❌The product does not include golfing mat. 
✅Ball return service
✅Cost effective

9. SAPLIZE Golf Practice Net 

SAPLIZE Golf Net with Hitting Mat, High ImpactFeatures We Love:

  • Largest golf net on the list
  • Multiple practicing options
  • High impact nets with great durability

✅Large❌No ball return technology
✅Lightweight❌Paint can be worn off if scratched

10. Golf Practice Net, 10x7ft

SASRL Golf Practice Net, 10x7ftFeatures We Love:

  • Top-notch materials
  • Easy to assemble and takedown
  • Wider surface area to enable various practice possibilities

✅Easy usage❌No ball return facility
✅Withstand real golf balls❌Cannot withstand harsh weather conditions. 
✅Light and durable

A Few Additional Tips for Choosing the Best Backyard Golf Net

A golf net can be an expensive purchase. Because of this, it’s crucial to take into account every aspect of your experience and match it with your goals.

In addition to its size, stability, and longevity, you need also take into account the following variables when choosing which net will best suit your needs:


You might be a little perplexed by this. What additional properties could a net have?

A net serves a clear purpose, although there are certain improvements that could be made. Ball return is one of them.

Net Return golf nets can automatically return the ball to your foot, that way you don’t have to go get them. These nets also provide shot feedback depending on how the ball returns to you.

Many nets have additional side barricades so you can confine your worst shots. You might be able to install objectives on other nets to improve your shot accuracy.

Such elements are important to take into account, even if you don’t intend to utilize a simulation with your net. They can motivate you to work on your ball control rather than aimlessly pound balls.

Ease of Use

You do not desire a golf net that takes 15 minutes to put together and another 15 to take down if your training session only lasts half an hour. You might wish to forego features in favor of efficiency if you want to make the most of every practice session.

To put it another way, this is a crucial component to think about when purchasing a golf net.


Your finances can still be quite essential even though the budget range for golf netting is less than that for simulators.

It’s good that most high-quality nets don’t exceed $1,000 on their own. Although more pricey nets are stronger and more dependable, $100 nets are still very useful.

Extra Tips

  • Consider getting a hitting mat, unless you’re training outside on a lot of grass. You won’t need much time to rip up the grass around your striking area.
  • Use heavy items to hold the construction in position if your practice space is outside and the surface is too solid for stakes.
  • To prevent your golf ball from hitting anything behind it, place your practice net in a secure area with adequate space.
  • Spend some time learning about the attachments and replacement parts that are offered before making a net purchase. Some manufacturers don’t provide replacements, so you’ll have to replace the complete net if something breaks.


With all these products golf is no longer a game for the rich, it is a game for people who have a passion for it. Along with the high-quality nets and the advanced technology of all the golf driving nets for garden & backyard, it is bound to give birth to new golfers. Now with the possibility of playing it right behind your room, I know you cannot wait to get your hands on it. 

Choose the aptest and the convenient product for yourself and order it right away! We have extensively researched and picked out the golden ones so you don’t have to worry. 


Q1. Should I get a hitting mat?

Yes! Please. A hitting mat provides you a platform and the flatness that is required. If you don’t use a hitting mat then you might just be ripping the grass off of your backyard or your garden. 

Q2. Is it advisable to you the net indoors?

Absolutely all you gotta take care of is the fact that you have a considerable safe zone. Just clear out the area near your net. AND DO NOT HIT AIMLESSLY! Make your shots short and sharp, you should also have the right angle or rotation while swinging the club. 

Q3. Should I let my young kids use the golf balls?

Golf balls are heavy and can be a safety hazard. If you are away and cannot supervise your children, then there is one alternative; foam balls. They are lighter and bear less harm. They are children-friendly and can help solve your problem.

Q4: Will a backyard gold net improve my game?

Yes, a good golf practice net will enable you to focus on particular drills to enhance your swing and will help you hit the ball more consistently and quickly.

Q5: Does the tightness of a golf net matter?

Yes, be careful not to tie the net too tightly; you need a little extra room to avoid the golf ball from being thrown back at you.

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