Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls Review: USGA Approved Long Distance High-Quality Golf Balls

nitro ultimate distance golf balls review

I’m sure you are not going to argue if I say that the most crucial thing in a good golf ball is the distance it can fly on. And to have this long distances, you have to know which are the appropriate requirements in a ball. You need to be aware of what makes a ball fly the longest. And if you have no idea about that, it is not a problem because we are here to give all the information you need.

As a brand name is an essential aspect while picking a truly good golf round, Nitro is an excellent option because this company, who makes nitro golf balls, is known for its quality golf balls which are very popular amongst the golf players. Nitro has a wide variety of golf balls. And we are going to tell you about one of them, the Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls, which is authorized by the USGA for its longer distance than numerous others.

nitro ultimate distance golf balls review

The Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls definitely worth its money because they are perfect products and you will never regret buying them. This will absolutely add even more distance as well as fly without giving up the distance.

It is the reason why we decided to show you a nitro ultimate distance golf balls review. We studied every element and now we are ready to reveal you all the information about this very balls.

Ok, lets get started.

Nitro Golf Ball Reviews

This incredible round is an excellent partner for those the main aim of whom is to reach as long distances as they can. This is a two-piece golf ball which has a reactive core of titanium giving the ball the amazing rate. The external cover is made of soft Surlyn that allows the ball boost the feel with higher control.

Nitro has utilized aerodynamically created dimples to offer it an excellent flight stability.

Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls Review

nitro golf balls review

2 Layer Framework

It is a two-piece golf ball which is made up of just 2 layers – the external layer and also the core. Everybody knows that the more the layer, the softer the ball will certainly be, which adds a bigger distance. Yes, three-piece golf balls are good at reaching longer distances as well but not like this two-piece golf ball.


This ball is an ideal option if you need one to get to longer proximity. The performance of this particular golf ball is unmatchable contrasting to the various other rounds at this expense.

The sensitive titanium core transfers the made the most of electrical power coming from nightclub to sphere.

This sphere possesses a lot less spinning and also more rate. The aerodynamically produced dimples on the cover of the sphere permit it to pierce the air boosting the velocity in addition to ensuring the tour stability.


The exterior coating is actually built from Lithium Surlyn that makes the ball basically imperishable. As you might recognize, surlyn is actually amongst one of one of the most tough and outside cover element for a golf round. The cover is actually cut-proof and also not easily breakable enriching the durability, durability, as well as additionally protection to strike.


You can be surprised by the low price of this ball but it is really like this. The price is quite good but at the same time you get a perfect golf ball with good features. It couldn’t be of the premium quality because premium materials are very costly, however at this rate, this is definitely one of the most effective budget-friendly golf balls.

nitro golf ball review
nitro golf balls review


Faster turning golfers usually favor greater compression golf round. With a fast swing, a high compression sphere can go across a higher range without losing the spin, much like this Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls compression. It has a compression of 90.


These Golf Balls are authorized by the USGA. It accredits that this ball is produced with all the qualities that work with all the golf players – from newbie to expert.


The multi-component technology lets the energy flow from the club to the ball for a greater range at any type of shot. The core is made of exclusive reactive titanium which includes strength and also stamina. It’s a two-piece tournament golf ball. The external cover is constructed from Surlyn which makes it feel soft and strong.

Key characteristics:

Pro & Cons of Nitro Ultimate Distance Golf Balls



nitro ultimate distance golf balls

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Nitro a reliable golf brand?

Nitro provides superior quality at a competitive price for golfers with high handicaps and limited budgets. In addition to their selection of golf balls, they also provide a chance to purchase the original brand that has been recycled at a reduced cost, making it an excellent choice. They provide premium golf balls that will greatly improve your golfing experience.

Are Surlyn golf balls durable?

Surlyn-covered golf balls often have a very long lifespan due to the material’s durability. Surlyn is the best choice if choosing a golf ball that will last as long as possible is your top priority. Additionally, Surlyn-wrapped balls typically cost less than urethane alternatives, which is a pleasant plus.

Is the Nitro Ultimate Distance golf ball a good one?

The Nitro is a somewhat less expensive golf ball, but it works well for the tasks you give it. This long-distance, high-velocity golf ball is nearly unbreakable and is perfect for the typical player. It is a two-piece golf ball with two layers that are constructed of materials of the highest caliber.

Do harder golf balls fly farther?

A golf ball tends to fly farther and with less spin if it is harder. Golf balls that are harder than softer ones are also usually substantially less expensive. Harder golf balls can be great for you if you frequently lose balls. Soft golf balls spin far more and become stuck in the slots of your irons and wedges.

Does the Nitro Ultimate Distance Ball travel far?

Yes. To ensure that your shots travel farther, Nitro Ultimate Distance Balls feature an aerodynamic and balanced dimple design. Golf balls with Nitro Ultimate Distance have an excellent feel and performance because of their gentler 90 compressions.

How can a broken golf ball be tested?

Check to see if your ball will float! Place it in water and then leave it there for a short while. There should be zero leaking to the interior of your golf ball if the cover is intact. There is a microfracture in the lid if it begins to sink or if any air bubbles appear at all.

Despite the fact that golf balls normally last for 10 years, testing them is an excellent technique to determine whether the ball is good and can give you high-quality play.

Do expensive golf balls vary from regular ones?

The average player would be better off spending that money to improve their swing instead of paying a higher price for golf balls because they won’t necessarily receive enough value from it. The enhanced spin around the green and the pleasant, soft feel at impact are the only advantages of a pricey golf ball.

How far do warm golf balls travel?

A golf ball that is warmer generally travels farther than one that is cooler. More resilient rubber compounds are better at responding when used to produce golf balls, and warmth increases resiliency. A warmer ball will have greater speed and spin off the clubface than a cooler ball, increasing loft.

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