Vice Golf Balls Review 2020: Do Vice Balls Really Offer Tour Performance?

vice golf review

This review is for all golf fanatics! This is vice golf review!

Whether you are a golf lover or a newbie, as long as you have bought the appropriate golf ball on the tee, you will get the efficiency you want.

Vice golf balls are known all over the world for their versatile high qualities.

If you are seeking to get your very first, 3rd or five-hundredth golf ball, we have actually obtained a detailed Vice golf balls review aligned for you!

Top 7 Vice Golf Balls 2020 Reviews

1. Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls – Optimal for Long Distances

vice golf review

If you are aiming to go the extra mile, make a shot with the Vice Pro Plus. It is constructed from cast urethane to restrict flight as well as increase distance.

According to the Vice golf balls review, the Pro Plus is perfect for all long-distance shots. The 336 dimple layout as well as the dual casing offer the player terrific control on the ball. You will certainly see a high spin on short shots as well as a reduced backspin on long shots.

The material is fantastically smooth and also has half the thickness of a typical range golf ball. 

The most effective component is that the thin covering does not hamper its durability.

Plus, you do not need to stress the yellow tinge that includes white urethane. The final outer coating of the ball has actually been chemically meddled to keep the initial white shade to ensure that you can detect it conveniently amongst the greens.

Furthermore, the new S2TG modern technology stops the ball dead on the ground and also keeps it from going the wrong direction when the weather is windy.

The ball compression scores are slightly on the low side, so you will certainly need to make a little bit of effort in your swing to make the distance longer. This must not be a problem for professionals as well as junior-level players, but beginners could face some problems.



Vice Pro Plus Ball easily satisfies expert standards with its distinct design and also casing. It is superb for shots on long distances as it keeps the backspin to a minimum. Nevertheless, the ball’s S2TG technology can backfire if you are unable to counter its low compression function.

2. Vice Pro Golf Balls – No Compromise on Height and Speed

vice golf balls review

The aim is to get high and also long with the Vice Pro collection. You will get a solid quantity of backspin and also an insane launch height right from the tee off.

The name may tell us that the Pro Plus has got an edge over the Pro collection, however according to Vice golf balls reviews, that is not like that.

This three-piece golf ball features 318 large dimples that lower dispersion as well as cover an excellent distance. The layout also reduces air resistance so that you can get an excellent rate out of your shot.

During screening, we noticed that the golf balls have a steady alignment. For this reason, we declare that the Vice Pro will certainly assist you in all your straight putting needs.

If you are thinking of getting the pearl white golf ball, you can rest assured it is not going to turn yellow under the sunrays. Vice Pro golf balls are geared up with high UV resistance and S2TG innovation, which guarantee their resilience and also give them a regular feel around the greens.

However, the Vice Pro golf balls cannot take on the long distance and side spin offered by the Vice Pro Plus as the previous has greater backspin and also compression rates to assist in greater height and rate.



Vice Pro golf balls are best for a quick launch from the tee. The huge dimple design lowers air-based diffusion as well as maintains a stable placement. Nevertheless, the spin as well as distance coverage is somewhat less than that of the Pro Plus.

3. Vice Golf Tour Golf Balls – Stable, Resilient and Affordable

vice golf balls review

Stability is the synonym of this golf ball. The Vice Trip golf balls feature 392 wind resistant dimples that decrease ball dispersion and offer you a secure trajectory.

They offer a fantastic combination of long distances and also straight alignment. When you initially launch the ball from the tee, you will notice how light-weight it is. The reason for it is that the three-piece layout covering is extremely slim.

However, do not allow the delicate style cheat you. The Tour golf balls are highly resistant to crosswind diffusion, so you can work on obtaining a continuous height and even momentum. They are also rather durable and easy to control.

The golf ball covers are made from DuPont Surlyn material, which provides you that plastic look, yet it is still quite soft to the touch. For this reason, they are appropriate to players with any experience. They are also not so expensive, so you can be sure to get an excellent bargain on these high quality golf balls.

However, Vice Tour balls are not the fastest comparing with others and rotate less than most other golf balls from our vice golf review here. As a result, you can trust the Vice Tour generally if you are seeking to get a straight put from a long distance.



It is an excellent investment for beginner players searching to exercise their straight putting skills. Experts can additionally enjoy a combination of stability and also sturdiness. Plus, Vice Golf Tour balls are lightweight and also simple to regulate. We wish you are not as well troubled by the reduced spin rates, though.

4. Vice Golf Pro Soft Golf Balls – Super High Trackability

vice golf ball review

Vice Pro Soft golf balls are the first-ever cast urethane rounds that have a matte neon coating that makes them easily noticeable across all distances.

Our company believes that it is the neon external layer that boosts the Pro Soft’s trackability and also makes it easy to locate throughout the greens.

These balls are also super-soft and extremely receptive to varying club speeds as a result of their low compression. This means that they are excellent at long distances as well as can get a good launch height.

The 336 dimples in the design ensure good versatility as well as sturdiness, making the Vice Pro Soft an optimal selection for players desiring immediate responses from their swing.

However, the manufacturing of these golf balls requires a special reference. They are highly glue to the greens as well as offer you terrific backspin with high control.

However, the Vice Pro Soft’s spin as well as speed rates are going to be impacted by your swing rate. If you have sluggish or medium-paced swings, you may not have the ability to get the prompt responsiveness that other golf players with quicker swings may get.



The Vice Pro Soft golf balls are a product of excellent production and can offer the gamer a large amount of swing versatility. If you have a quick swing, this golf ball is right for you. You can easily enjoy the neon matte finish as the Pro Soft covers cross countries and also high trajectories.

5. Vice Golf Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia – Great Inflight Stability

vice tour golf ball review

Obtain the best of both worlds with the Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia as it offers a secure trajectory coupled with high responsiveness on the greens.

The Unisex Vice Tour series is an excellent catch for 2 reasons. For starters, it supplies one of the most effective long-distance and also security combinations amongst all the Vice golf balls we have actually examined in our review.

Secondly, the layout with 392 dimples is best for supplying a steady placement for a low put shot. You will see the distinction straight from the tee off.

The intense dimple design also restricts air diffusion while the golf ball remains in trip, so you can expect a consistent speed and trajectory on your swing.

These balls can be found in a basic three-piece style and are incredibly lightweight. The difficult Surlyn covering also improves the durability of golf balls.

You will observe that the layer is rather thick which helps in reducing air diffusion as well as keeps the ball flying as straight as possible.

From the other side, the Unisex Vice Tour golf balls don’t have their iron spin, so you should maje an effort if you wish to make short shots. You will certainly still have a bit of initial spin, so you do not have to fret about the long-distance shots.



Vice Golf Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia Balls are optimal for all kinds of players. The mix of excellent inflight stability and also long-distance flights is a major selling point. You may have to consider the lack of iron spin on them, but then again, the low dispersion degree ensures that you will certainly not have any type of placement concerns.

6. Vice Golf Drive Golf Balls – Extremely Tough and Durable

golf balls review

Freak out with the Vice Golf Drive Golf Balls collection due to the fact that there is very little chance you are going to get a cut on this. You can consider it indestructible.

These two-piece golf balls are made to withstand hard-hitting shots. The Surlyn covering has a super-soft core, however the external layer is difficult, allowing it to provide toughness.

The core is likewise constructed in such a way that it is immune to all sorts of wear and tear.

The 392 symmetrical dimples make it possible for a constant, secure flight. For this reason, once you have teed this ball off, you can expect a certain quantity of buoyancy. Consider it similar to just how a plastic ball floats on water. The movement is simply fresh.

The rounds are made to roll over in an exaggerated style to make sure that you can get better drive size. Long putters will surely enjoy this attribute. We are likewise delighted with the ball’s high presence and alignment functions. Discuss putting with precision.

Nevertheless, if you are a fast swinger, this golf ball may not work for you. The ball has reduced compression rates, and its buoyancy attribute is ideal matched for slow to medium-paced swingers.



Drive’s cut-resistant style is a work of art. The soft internal core keeps the ball resilient in flight and also maintains a stable trajectory, while the tough Surlyn cover ensures ball toughness throughout multiple rounds. Rapid swingers will certainly need to take care, otherwise the ball might lose its buoyancy.

7. Vice Select Variety Pack – For Custom Golf Ball Lovers

vice golf review

If you find it difficult to stick to one design of play, we have got the ideal gift for you. You can get a pair of five different Vice golf balls in the Select Variety Pack.

Our Vice golf ball review would certainly have been insufficient if we had missed out on this range pack. In this pack, you will get 5 different golf ball designs in sleeves of two.


What this implies is that you will obtain a total of ten balls, which is going to include 2 of each design.

Hence, you can get two golf balls of the Vice Pro Plus, 2 of the Vice Pro Soft and the list goes on. By doing this, you have an opportunity to enjoy five various high-grade golf ball designs in one pack. It can be a terrific selection to assist you determine your ideal game.

The added advantage is that you get all this variety for a considerably cheaper price than what you would certainly need to pay if you purchased them all independently.

The only real disadvantage of the Select Variety Pack is that you do cannot choose the color which you will get. Thus, there is a probability that you might get colors and styles with low visibility. This could hamper the ball’s trackability, which can be a disappointment for you if that’s your preference.



If you a person who likes experiments and customization of your game, you are going to appreciate the Variety Pack. However, do not be too excited, as you may obtain all pearly whites as well as no neon limes in your box.

Vice Golf Balls Review and Buyer’s Guide 2020

Here is vice tour golf ball review. When you are buying golf balls online, it is very important if you check out the description and also understand the piece and also its measurements.

– Best Golf Balls for Novices

– Best Golf Balls for High Handicappers

The decision of which golf ball is best for you may seem overwhelming, as golf balls are arguably one of the most technical items in your golf bag. Finding the perfect golf ball for you may be challenging since each ball has so many unique characteristics.

A golf ball’s construction and covering can modify its performance as well as considerably affect your play, so you need to take these factors into account. Along with that, consider the distance, color, and cost.

Ball Covering

You should be familiar with the kind of covering a ball consists of. Notice that during this top vice golf review, we discussed the materials which were used while constructing and making the golf balls. This will certainly help you recognize how tough or soft the ball will certainly feel as well as its responsiveness to the green.

Golf balls with urethane covers have better spin control and feel, but they cost a little bit more. Test the best mid-priced golf balls to see if there is a significant enough difference to warrant the additional cost.

Ball Construction

You should know that there are about three main kinds of golf balls in the marketplace. If you obtain a two-piece ball like the Vice Drive, you can obtain excellent range or spin, depending on exactly how the internal core is crafted. With a three- or four-piece style, you can get different rotates however not a great deal of range. A high swinger can considerably benefit from a three-piece ball like the Vice Pro.


Which component of the game is still most valuable to you, in relation to the aforementioned points? Do you recommend a golf ball that has the best feel feasible so that your short game can thrive, or one that has the greatest distance possible?

If distance is your primary consideration, the Vice Drive will probably be your best option, while the Vice Pro Plus or Pro Soft models will offer the most spin and short-game control.


Your golf balls don’t have to be white anymore; they can also be other hues like yellow, red, or even blue Vice golf balls are available in a variety of hues, including coral, green, and peach.

Having a golf ball in your preferred color will help you stand out from other players and may even increase your desire to play the game.


You should always be conscious of your budget when it comes to golf balls so that you can select a model in accordance with it. Vice has a sophisticated method for allowing customers to purchase golf balls from their website, which is interesting.

Buying golf balls in bulk at the beginning of the season might be a good idea because the price per golf ball decreases the more you buy.

Vice Golf Balls User Comments

Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls

The Vice Pro Plus golf balls can help you to reach a greater distance. They supply a great trip straight off the tee as well as have a good iron spin. Getting a bright colored ball makes it easy to track it during flight and on the greens then.

vice golf review

Vice Pro Golf Balls

The range and also durability of these balls match the Pro Plus variety. Nonetheless, their effectiveness can depend on weather conditions. Despite their lightweight feel, they can look like you’re striking a rock in the cold weather. While they are sort of expensive in comparison with other golf balls, the speed as well as positioning are too good to pass on.

Vice Tour Golf Balls

They fulfill assumptions right from the beginning. The Tour golf balls are most likely ones of the very best bargains you can have in the world of golf. They are just as well as high-priced balls however can feel a little hard to the touch.

Vice Pro Soft Golf Balls

These balls are appropriate for players with fast swings. Apart from the high visibility, they additionally offer you a great spin and really feel truly soft. The lime green version is highly popular. Vice Pro Soft golf balls are considered to be of premium quality and are offered at reasonable prices.

Unisex Vice Tour NBA Philadelphia

These balls offer great responsiveness on the greens as well as they are rather stable while flying. They are barely affected by wind dispersion too.


vice golf balls review

Vice Golf Ball Select Variety Pack

This pack produces a remarkable present. The big choice allows you to figure out which kind fits your play best. The product packaging is pretty eye-catching too. However, there is a kind of concern that you will not obtain the exact type of ball you are trying to find.

Vice Drive Golf Balls

These are solid balls with an extremely soft feel. Their effectiveness does not depend on weather conditions as well as they will not lose their versatility when played in winter. Slow-moving swings can also obtain some additional range.


Vice golf balls are appreciated throughout the world. If you are a real golf, you likely have some inquiries concerning them. So now you can have a look at some frequently asked questions and see if your question has been answered right here:

Which Ball Should I Play With?

There is a big amount of things that will certainly identify the most suitable ball for you and the style of your game. Without doubts, you should make the decision based upon your club rate and swinging style. For example, for slow swingers it is better to use high compression balls.

What Do You Mean by Compression Rates?

The compression of a golf ball can identify its density, launch trajectory and distance. A golf ball can either become flat or compressed but it depends on the force of effect. Your playing style will certainly establish what compression rate would certainly be most appropriate for you.

Are Urethane Balls Better Than Non-Urethane Ones?

We can say yes and do at the same time. The primary benefit of cast urethane covering is its soft feeling as well as the included spin. If you like that, you will certainly appreciate urethane balls a lot more. Nonetheless, if your choices are different, you may want to choose other alternatives like Surlyn.

What’s the Best Way to Test a New Ball?

Normally, we check the launch trajectory and the responsiveness to the greens. However, we suggest you play a range of short and long shots to understand the ball’s performance.

I Have a Law Swing Speed, Should I Buy the Vice Pro Soft or Drive?

The Drive is perfect for sluggish to medium-paced swings, while the Pro Soft works are better with faster swings. However, you should test Vice Tour golf balls if you remain in the 85 to 90 mph array.

Do Vice Golf Balls Perform Well?

The Vice Pro range of golf balls performs on an equal level with the better-known brands while costing less at retail. Vice golf balls are excellent. By selling directly to customers, the company can offer premium technology at a very competitive price.

What Vice Golf Ball is Comparable to AVX?

The Vice Pro Soft is an excellent alternative to the AVX. The Pro Soft performs equally well and is more affordable. Check out Vice golf if you’re a player with a mid-handicap and think you’re overpaying for top-quality golf balls. The quality of the results for the cost will surprise you.

Do Golf Balls with High Compression Travel Farther?

For golfers whose swing speeds are less than 100 MPH, low-compression golf balls will typically travel the same length or even further. Higher compression balls will produce further distance once swing speeds reach 100 MPH. You can select the Vice golf ball that best meets your needs by keeping in mind that all Vice golf balls have different compression levels.

Do Professional Golfers Play With Vice Golf Balls?

Although we do not currently believe that any top professional golfers are using Vice golf balls, this does not mean that amateurs won’t appreciate the effectiveness of the Vice Golf Ball.

vice tour golf ball review

Final thought

In this Vice golf balls reviews, we have actually covered 7 different golf ball designs. Everyone has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. The sort of ball that is perfect for you absolutely depends upon your playing style and performance on the golf court.

If we had to advise one, we would probably select Vice Pro Plus Golf Balls. The tough outer as well as cut-resistant style implies you have actually obtained a sturdy set on your hands. Plus, you get terrific rollover extension, high responsiveness on the greens and also minimum diffusion. You can use this ball no matter what the weather is like.

Our second selection would certainly be the Vice Pro Soft golf balls. These are absolutely a great choice for almost everybody and justify its reputation of high-quality golf balls but at the same time keeping their price low. If your budget is tight, you can surely take advantage of a pack of these.

vice golf review

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