12 Best Putters Under $150 in 2022 【Budget Friendly】

Best Putters under 150

People having little or no information about golf clubs are usually deceived by the seller. It is therefore necessary to take a whole round of the market to buy a stable golf putter for an adequate amount of money.

But there’s a catch there too. You see, golf is a very established sport. This brings a lot of manufacturers to mass product various golf equipment. While this may sound amazing, the problem for some people becomes to choose a product for themselves, in a market so overwhelmingly big.

This makes them buy awful golf putters for an insane amount of money. Making a mistake can highly cost your game, so we chose the responsibility to select the best putter under 150 dollars.

You can check out our buying guide for golf putters under $150 before getting to the list below

Best Putters under 150 in 2022:

Here are the top golf putters under 150 dollars with maximum performance and versatility for a dime of a price.

Cleveland Golf Counter Balanced Oversized10/10 [Editor's Pick] Check Price
Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray9.5/10 Check Price
Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter9.5/10 Check Price
GoSports The Classic Golf Putter9/10 Check Price
QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter8.5/10 Check Price
Wilson Infinite Men’s Golf Putter8/10 Check Price
Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter
7/10 Check Price
Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR400 Putter
8/10 Check Price
Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter7/10 Check Price
Cleveland Golf HB Soft
8/10 Check Price
Crestgolf Two-Way Rubber Golf Putter
7.5/10 Check Price
Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter
9/10 Check Price

1. Cleveland Golf Counter Balanced Oversized

Why we love it:

  • 🡺It has a great balance
  • 🡺It has a super grip of TFI 8.0
  • 🡺It is a rough and tumble kind of putter.

strikes the ball with precision
heavier as compared to other putters.
smooth stable putting stroke.slightly stiffer than it should be.
Not expensive

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2. Ray Cook Golf Silver Ray

Ray Cook Golf Silver

Why we love it:

  • 🡺It is very durable with a good price tag
  • 🡺The head is very straight that makes a straight strike.

great feel
lines up the eyes very easily
oversized grip

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3. Pinemeadow Golf PGX SL Putter

Pinemeadow-Golf-PGX-SL-PutterWhy we love it:

  • 🡺It is superb in feel and accuracy
  • 🡺Ball alignments are done in this way to help the ball center the ball
  • 🡺Helps to be open-faced or closed-faced during striking the ball.

comfortable handle
paint wears off quick
putter maintains the stroke at a perfect angle

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4. GoSports The Classic Golf Putter

GoSports-The-Classic-Golf-PutterWhy we love it:

  • 🡺It is made of really good quality.
  • 🡺This putter is for both left-handers and right-handers.

capability of doing 10 strokes of a game
merely a novice product
inexpensive putter
a premium feel grip

5. QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter

QUOLF GOLF Two-Way Putter

Why we love it:

🡺The material it is made up of is steel which is of a good quality

🡺The handle is made up of some rubber material and got a good grip due to it.

decent gripshort people might have issues
adequate weight distribution
best for taller people

6. Wilson Infinite Men’s Golf Putter

Wilson-Infinite-Mens-Golf-PutterWhy we love it:

🡺It provides a swift and easy swing posture.

🡺It helps in aligning the ball straight to the hole.

distance controlan overly large grip
very accurate
very good at simplifying alignment

7. Callaway Odyssey White Hot Pro 2.0 Putter


Why we love it:

🡺This putter makes it easy to keep the ball on the line.

🡺This putter is very economical and the brand is our favorite.

33 inchesnone
best suited for pros
very precise

8. Ray Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR400 PutterRay Cook Golf – Silver Ray SR400 Putter

Why we love it:

🡺The shaft material has a great grip

🡺This putter is really cheap as compared to other putters of the same design and quality.

rich in charcoal finishingNot a stand-up putter
available in a lot of stylesquestionable durability

9. Wilson Staff Harmonized Putter


Why we love it:

  • The Grip is very soft
  • Comes in 2 colors

a soft putterflimsy design
a comfortable feela bit too lightweight
a stronger grip

10. Cleveland Golf HB Soft Cleveland Golf HB Soft

Why we love it:

🡺It can cover a long distance.

🡺Its grip is also very strong and easily manageable.

🡺Its design is quite attractive for buyers.

🡺It is a complete package.

balanced putter with a soft feelNone

11. Crestgolf Two-Way Rubber Golf PutterCrestgolf Two-Way Rubber Golf Putter

Why we love it:

🡺It is amazing for beginners and especially for the kids.

🡺It is great to be used in a mini-golf course.

best suited for kidsonly for right handers
lightweight and compact
environment-friendly build

12. Cleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 PutterCleveland Golf 2135 Satin 1.0 Putter

Why we love it:

🡺It provides a smooth roll and a softer grip on the putter.

🡺It is very well constructed and the design is also great.

larger sweet spotuncomfortable grip
raised target line


To have a putter in a golf club is very necessary. There are two types of styles a putter can be used. One is straight and the other is a slight arc. The straight one keeps the club path straight. This happens and the face of the angle is kept straight to the hole. On the other hand, the second style is the slight arc. It takes the path slightly inside. To make both these strokes possible a good putter having a great grip is very important.

One has to keep in mind the balancing of the putter, shaft length, grip sizes, head shape and weight, and head balancing. By noticing all these points, a putter should be bought. Most importantly the price tag should be discussed earlier. If one wants to become a successful golf player, practicing with the putter is very important. One should be able to control the speed. Stepping in the right direction is another important factor while playing golf. By noticing all these factors, one can become a great golf player.

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Buying guide for Best Putters under 150:

Although our reviews are very comprehensive and easy to digest, we still feel like it’s necessary to guide people about makes or breaks a putter. Putters play a vital role in golf so it is very important that you make the right choices when you’re out looking for one. We feel like $150 or lower is the great price to get really good deals on high-quality putters. Marketplaces like Amazon feature a ton of such golf clubs. But not all of them are made equal. Some have disadvantages that you’re bound to encounter down the line. So to avoid that, here’s a little buying guide to help you recognize the main aspects of a putter.


Probably the most important aspect of a putter, the length plays a pivotal role. It becomes evident since putters require a little tilt in the hips. If your putter is longer, it will make you stand more upright. If it’s too short, it will make you slouch. In both cases, a correct posture is sacrificed, which greatly hurts performance. So, keep the height and length of the putter into consideration.


Having adequate weight in the putters helps golfers to better place their shots. Have it heavier, the putter will drift off in momentum and give more power to the ball than you want. If any lighter, the putter will be going everywhere with no real control. It’s recommended that test a few putters on the golf course and decide which weight suits you most.

Head design:

Heavily reliant on the person’s preference, head types work for golfers by adapting to their playstyle. If you’re a person that doesn’t like extra bulk and prefers a narrower face and hitting in the center, blades can be something you’d like. ON the other hand, if you require more stability and focus less on hitting the ball dead center, mallets are your way to go. Again, you’ll have to experiment with different heads before making a decision.

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Do I need a golf putter?

Chances are that you’ll most probably want one. Putters come real handy when playing those close shots where you can’t afford any inaccuracy. Putters allow golfers to hit the ball very close so that it gives the player adequate feedback and control over their shots.

Do the golf putters always have to expensive?

Absolutely not and this article is a living example of why. We made efforts to put the reviews so that we can help people to buy really affordable clubs that deliver decent performance and durability.

Which head design should I get for my golf putter?

If you’re a novice with little experience, then you’d most probably want to go with a mallet. If you’re a true enthusiast and require raw feedback and no assistance, blades are the perfect option.

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