6 Best Drivers for High Handicappers in 2022 【For Beginners】

best golf drivers for high handicappers

So you’re about to jump into the world of golf? There hasn’t been a better time to do that!

The amount of clubs and other products that this sport has is overwhelming and it can easily confuse any novice player getting into the game. So when you’re looking for your gear, the most important product on your list should be a well-made golf driver.

Here’s our list of the most amazing drivers for high handicappers.

Be sure to check out our buying guide for any sort of assistance.

Best Driver for High Handicapper 2022:

Below are the top drivers for high handicappers to buy

Driver for High HandicappersRATING
Callaway Golf Great Big BerthaEditor's Choice (10/10)
TaylorMade AeroBurner DriverEditor's Choice (9.5/10)
TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver9/10
Callaway Men’s XR 16 driver9/10
Cobra Man’s Fly Z Driver8.5/10
Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset8/10

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1. Callaway Golf Great Big Bertha Epic Driver

great big bertha

  • Very forgiving
  • The top performance in class
  • Very accurate
  • Large face provides a greater sweet spot
  • The Callaway driver for high handicappers
Offers a shiny and sleek appearanceLacks adjustability
Supplies a slim and stabilized face to develop remarkable forgivenessA bit too long (>45inches)
Offers a precision shot-shape control
Features the Jailbreak Innovation Technology
4 high-performance shafts to choose from
Gives sound and a pleasing feeling

2.TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver

  • Aerodynamic shape
  • User-friendly
  • Better control and handling
  • Graphite shaft
Highlights fifty graphite shaftThis product is actually non-adjustable
AerodynamicCan be damaged easily
Gives Speed Pocket for maximum span
Very easy to use
Not heavy
Easiest golf driver to hit

3. TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver

m2 4600cc taylormade

  • Higher MOI
  • Better control
  • Exceptional ranges
  • Various flexes to choose from
Very forgiving with a great distanceAbsence of headcover
Modifiable loft
Perfect choice for off-center hits
Features a big sweet spot
Suitable for slicers

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4. Callaway Men’s XR 16 driver

Callaway XR

  • Satisfying overall feel
  • Very forgiving
  • Higher ball speeds
  • Lightweight
Gives an excellent sound while shootingClumsy at times
Provides an excellent forgiveness
Equipped with a graphite ray
Be more aerodynamic than others
Ideal for the middle and also best drivers for high handicappers

The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is known as the best driver for high handicappers.

5. Cobra Man’s Fly Z Driver

Cobra Fly Z

  • SmartPad Innovation
  • Adjustable weights
  • Higher ball speeds
  • Lower CG
Brilliant launchproblems with high spin level and hits
Satisfying feel
Possesses flexible loft and weight
SmartPad Innovation
A range of different colors

With the model of Fly Z, Cobra has developed an impressive driver for newbies and more experienced players. Additionally, this product is a golf driver if you want to have more distance.

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6. Pinemeadow PGX Offset Golf Driver

PGX Offset Driver

  • 10.t loft 
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to handle/control
Has a huge sweet spotNot very accurate
Not heavy (merely 200 grams)The shaft seems to be shorter
Equipped headcover
Has the Offset Technology
Easy to swing

Final thought

After checking out these drivers above, can you pick the one to better your game? As a beginner in the golf game, try to understand crucial elements just before making a decision. Depending on that, every little thing will definitely be easy. And also the end result is that you will certainly possess good drivers for beginners in order to make your performance much better.

Just in case you want to know a perfect choice, we will recommend the Callaway Golf Man’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver. This item includes a breakthrough innovation, named the Breakout Technology that differs it from other competitors. Moreover, it supplies max mercy in addition to a precision shot-shape controlling.

If you believe us, shop for it right now and you quickly acknowledge why we are actually recommending this product.

One more time, thanks for reading the article about very good golf drivers and we hope it was useful for you.

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Buying guide for Best Golf Driver for High Handicappers

Good golf drivers for beginners are hard to find, this is what inspired us to make this comprehensive list. Over many years, the golf driver for beginners not only has actually changed but also become equipped with brand new innovative features. This helps to make the present one larger however lighter as well as easier to shoot and swing.


What is the correct size of the scalp which is the absolute most appropriate for new and additionally common players? Depending on the United States Golf Association (USGA), 460 cubic centimeters (cc) is the max permitted clubhead measurements. Thus, choosing the drivers with the amount between 440 – 460cc is heading to be actually okay.

The significant clubhead size delivers the greatest influence that might aid to enrich the electrical power of the blow. In the meantime, the little bit of the scalp mostly uses a secure and also strong swing. For that reason, if you require to possess even more control as well as certainly not necessitate turning, the small-sized mind is actually the most helpful.

There is yet another vital factor besides the measurements and also it is the form of the scalp. The vehicle drivers possess 4 concepts: square, shot, pear, as well as also flexed. For newbies, the greatest choice will certainly be actually the round form given that it isn’t as awkward as the square ones. On top of that, they are really considerably less probably to found out the turf prior to firing.

As well as what regarding head color? It depends upon your personal inclinations. While some favor one color as dark or even white-colored, the others choose to possess an assortment of colors to select from. For that reason, suppliers have actually developed the motorists along with various colors that take a greater comparison to a green spot background.


The next factor to decide whether a driver is good or not is to determine an effective loft. It is actually the angle of the driver’s head and possesses a significant impact on the span, backspin, and trail of the sphere.

The loft space angles can easily modify between 4 and twenty degrees on the drivers; however, a lot more commonly acknowledged lofts range between 8 and 14 degrees. As a new golf player, you should count on your common swing velocity to obtain an excellent attic angle. Remember that the lesser your swing rate is, the higher attic of the club you need.

For example, the swing velocity of a typical male player is between 85 and 105. Therefore, the perfect loft is between 10 – 12 degrees.

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How will shaft flex impact the driver? As a novice in the golf game, you should choose the flexible shaft to ensure you can take full advantage of the flight distance. The most ideal point is actually, to begin with, the frequent shaft flex (R). Or even opt for other degrees including for elders (A), for women (A), and so on.

If your swing rate is above 95mph, you should consider the stiffer shafts considering that they will definitely offer more control and accuracy while attacking.

You ask what about the shaft’s size? Does it impact the club? Yes, without any doubt. The size of the shaft depends on your height, of course. If you are short, do not opt for anything with a lengthy shaft or you will certainly face some problems while swinging. Thus, what you should do?

You should just measure your arm’s size and also examine your moving style if you want to calculate the proper measurements. Generally, the length of the shaft is maintained at about 45 ins for the optimal outcome. Yet, in some cases, you can still find some shafts which are approximately about 48 inches.

Usually, as the newbies in this game, you must know that the majority of the modern clubs are actually lighter and much longer since they will definitely help you obtain more torque and also create a superb arc. Depending on that, it is actually easy to hit drivers that hit the ball for a longer distance.


Ensure the overall body weight and the weight of the head of your club is suitable for your bodily toughness, your playing golf sports capability, and your swinging pace. Enjoy playing with the light in weight driver boosts your percent of off-center hits.


When we come to material, it is important to take note of both the head and shaft materials due to the fact that they mainly affect the efficiency of your driver.

If we talk about the head, there are various materials to choose from: titanium, stainless steel, aluminum, zinc, as well as other metals. Although titanium is one of the most pricey components, it carries the greatest functionality for newbies. But, in case you possess a limited budget and simply require something to perform, it’s okay to choose the stainless-steel.

For the shaft, you ought to pick from steel and graphite. For newbies, it is better to choose graphite given that it delivers an assortment of flex. On the other hand, the steel is mostly for low handicappers given that it helps them to be much more accurate.

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Possessing the adjustable clubs allows you to make never-ending chump changes in the loft, lie, etc. But keep in mind that the modifiable drivers commonly make small corrections. As a result, you need to be actually fitted for the drivers that are suitable for your one-of-a-kind moving style just before buying the adjustable drivers.

Budget plan

In general, you need to select an even more inexpensive driver given that you are still not able to swing it. Yet, it does not indicate that if you choose an affordable driver, it is gonna be with poor quality. Remember that you just need to select a driver of high quality that can help you to make your performance much better.

Thus, the most ideal technique is actually to look around and after that match up the price in sports shops or outlets online to have fair reviews from the previous consumers. In order to help you to make the right selection, we made this list where we gonna offer the ultimate golf drivers for beginners which you can buy.

A Few Extra Tips for Purchasing High Handicap Drivers

When selecting a driver for high handicappers, all of the aforementioned factors should be taken into account. However, in order to choose the best one, you should also take into account the following:


One of the most crucial things to take into account is forgiveness, particularly for those with a high handicap who frequently miss the center point of the face.

Since minor issues can be magnified into very poor outcomes at these high swing speeds, having some level of forgiveness is highly advantageous.


Everyone who plays golf, including high handicappers, naturally wants to hit the ball farther off the tee. Your ability to hit more accurate shots into the green will increase with a long drive.

Even when you miss the fairway, distance counts for more strokes than accuracy. Regardless of how you look at it, distance is crucial, particularly in a world where golf courses are getting longer.


The driver’s appearance is another aspect to take into account – you’ll probably have a harder time making a good swing if you play a driver that doesn’t look good in your hand. Choose one that really appeals to your eye as a result.


Feel (more precisely, how the driver feels during the swing and at impact) is another major consideration that may influence your chances of a successful swing. This is crucial for golfers who rely on instinct.

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Some FAQs for choosing the top driver for beginners.

What is actually the Center of gravity (CG)?

In a golf club head, the CG is the intersection within the club of all the different equilibrium points. It may be figured out using balancing the head on its own sole, face, or any setting on the head.

Because the CG is a solitary point inside the clubhead, its position has to be revealed in 3-dimensions.

  • A vertical CG (exactly how higher up in the clubhead from the sole).
  • A straight CG (how far from the middle of the shaft).
  • A center CG (exactly how distant coming from the clubface is placed).

Just how to swing a driver for amateurs?

  • Set up the shot by starting along with a large viewpoint with the ball put in line with your face heel.
  • Ensure that your weight is actually placed a little more on the back leg. And remember to tip your back so that your right shoulder is actually a bit lower than the left one (if you are actually a right-handed player).
  • Begin pushing the club head at a reduced angle and after that put your weight to the backfoot.
  • After that, swing the driver downward once again in a hassle-free stroke. Always remember to maintain keep your feet flat and put your weight quickly to the main shoe.
  • When turning, you need to maintain your arms stretched as much as it is possible.
  • You only need to raise as well as switch the backfoot after attacking the ball, certainly not before.
  • In the end, try to follow through folding the front elbow joint and crossing the back forearm over your front lower arm. This improves the velocity of the driver’s clubhead.

Are adjustable golf drivers appropriate for beginners?

The weights in the newest drivers are connected to the sole of the club head and can be moved around to multiple positions, changing the trajectory of the shot. Although this innovation seems promising, it can be difficult for a novice player to understand all the possible configurations. 

For novice golfers, we do not advise using these expensive golf drivers.

On the other hand, some weights can be swapped out or relocated to set spots, making them much simpler to play.

Are adjustable lofts helpful for golfers?

This innovation is the most useful for the objective of this guide, which is to assist you in selecting a golf driver that is easy to hit. 

We advise having the configurations initially set by a club-fitter because there is a lengthy process to mastering how to change lofts and fine-tune them.

It can be changed by rotating the shafts, which can be unscrewed from the head. For a beginner, being able to change the loft to their favored number is a very useful tech.

Which driver’s degree is best for high-handicap golfers?

The 12-degree driver will perform best for a player with a higher handicap. The golfer can achieve more than enough ball speed, distance, and flight with this club in their hands. If a player with a faster swing tried to use this degree driver, they might have trouble maintaining the necessary control.

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Ball launch conditions for skilled golfers using drivers of different lengths in an indoor testing facility

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