Choose the Best Driver for Beginners And High Handicappers to Better Their Drive in 2020

As novices in golf game, you definitively have a bulk of golf products and add-ons around you. Besides, the 1st purchase of the most effective drivers for new golf players is constantly an overwhelming duty. You should find a really good driver for beginner.

Yet, can you guess or may be you have any suggestions of what the golf driver is?

It is actually considered as the biggest scalp of all the drivers. And it is actually one of the most necessary item that you need to have to take advantage of in the beginning in a golf activity.

These leading equipment vehicle drivers are really usually the most significant as well as lengthiest drivers in the set. Also, the rate may be a little higher.

That’s why determining just how to obtain and also decide on a good driver is the hardest thing for beginners.

But carry out not fret a lot of. Considering that you know this post currently, our experts absolutely help you to opt for the easiest driver to hit for high handicapper or maybe the best driver for the cash that meets all your criteria.

And likewise just before going right into complete endorsements, find out some crucial details which is better initially.

The Best driver for beginners

Listed here you can find points to think about when selecting the most efficient and best driver for beginners.

Over many years, the golf driver for beginners not only has actually changed but also become equipped with brand new innovative features. This helps to make the present one larger however lighter as well as easier to shoot and swing.


What is the correct size of scalp which is the absolute most appropriate for new and additionally common players? Depending on to the United States Golf Association (USGA), 460 cubic centimeters (cc) is the max permitted clubhead measurements. Thus, choosing the drivers with the amount between 440 – 460cc are heading to be actually okay.

The significant clubhead size delivers the greatest influence that might aid to enrich the electrical power of the blow. In the meantime, the little bit of scalp mostly uses a secure and also strong swing. For that reason, if you require to possess even more control as well as certainly not necessitate turning, the small sized mind is actually the best helpful.

There is yet another vital factor besides the measurements and also it is the form of the scalp. The vehicle drivers possess 4 concepts: square, shot, pear, as well as also flexed. For newbies, the greatest choice will certainly be actually the round form given that it isn’t as awkward as the square ones. On top of that, they are really considerably less probably to found out the turf prior to firing.

As well as what regarding head color? It depends upon your personal inclinations. While some favor one color as dark or even white colored, the others choose to possess an assortment of colors to select from. For that reason, suppliers have actually developed the motorists along with various colors that take a greater comparison to a green spot background.

easiest driver to hit


The next factor to decide whether a driver is good or not is to determine an effective loft. It is actually the angle of the driver head and possesses a significant impact on the span, backspin, and trail of the sphere.

The loft space angles can easily modify between 4 and twenty degrees on the drivers; however, a lot more commonly acknowledged lofts range between 8 and 14 degrees. As a new golf player, you should count on your common swing velocity to obtain the excellent attic angle. Remember that the lesser your swing rate is, the higher attic of the club you need.

For example, the swing velocity of a typical male player is in between 85 and 105. Therefore, the best loft is in between 10 – 12 degrees.


How will shaft flex impact the driver? As a novice of golf game you should choose the flexible shaft to ensure you can take full advantage of the fly distance. The most ideal point is actually to begin with the frequent shaft flex (R). Or even opt for other degrees including for elders (A), for woman (A), and so on.

If your swing rate is above 95mph, you should consider the stiffer shafts considering that they will definitely offer more control and accuracy while attacking.

You ask what about the shaft’s size? Does it impact the club? Yes, without any doubts. The size of the shaft depends on your height, of course. If you are short, do not opt for anything with a lengthy shaft or you will certainly face some problems while swinging. Thus, what you should do?

You should just measure your arm’s size and also examine your moving style if you want to calculate the proper measurements. Generally, the length of the shaft is maintained about 45 ins for the best outcome. Yet, in some cases, you can still find some shafts which are approximately about 48 inches.

Usually, as the newbies in this game, you must know that the majority of the modern clubs are actually lighter and much longer since they will definitely help you obtain more torque and also create a superb arc. Depending on that, it is actually easy to hit drivers that hit the ball for a longer distance.

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Ensure the overall body weight and the weight of the head of your club is suitable for your bodily toughness, your playing golf sports capability, and your swinging pace. Enjoy playing with the light in weight driver boosts your percent of off-center hits.


When we come to material, it is important to take note of both the head and shaft materials due to the fact that they mainly affect the efficiency of your driver.

If we talk about the head, there are various materials to choose: titanium, stainless-steel, aluminum, zinc, as well as other metals. Although the titanium is one of the most pricey component, it carries the greatest functionality for newbies. But, in case you possess a limited budget and simply require something to perform, it’s okay to choose the stainless-steel.

For the shaft, you ought to pick from steel and graphite. For newbies it is better to choose graphite given that it delivers an assortment of flex. On the other hand, the steel is mostly for low handicappers given that it helps them to be much more accurate.

best drivers for beginners


Possessing the adjustable clubs allows you to make never-ending chump changes in loft, lie, etc. But keep in mind that the modifiable drivers commonly make small corrections. As a result, you need to be actually fitted for the drivers that are suitable for your one-of-a-kind moving style just before buying the adjustable drivers.

Budget plan

In general, you need to select an even more inexpensive driver given that you are still not able to swing it. Yet, it does not indicate that  if you choose the best golf driver for the money it is gonna be with the poor quality. Remember that you just need to select the driver of high quality which can help you to make your performance much more better.

Thus, the most ideal technique is actually to look around and after that match up the price in sports shops or outlet online to have fair reviews from the previous consumers. In order to help you to make a right selection, we made this list where we gonna offer the best budget drivers and best golf drivers for beginners which you can buy.

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Best drivers for beginners existed on the market 2020

1. Callaway Golf 2017 Great Big Bertha Epic Driver – Most forgiving driver for beginners

easiest driver to hit

When we start talking about the most popular brand name on the planet known for producing golf equipment, Callaway seems to be the most recognizable brand among all the golfers.

So let’s talk about Callaway Golf 2017 Man’s Great Big Bertha Epic Steer. It is one of the most up to date products that include the innovative technology, called Jailbreak. It features 2 slender, parallel, and also 3-gram titanium rods that provide reliability, versatility and also make the driver face twenty percent thinner than the previous design.

Besides, the Jailbreak Technology provides the golfers with additional power of impact into the sphere. That is the reason why you can easily save a lot less energy and give a lot more mercy coming from head to foot. Thus, if you’re trying to find the absolute forgiving driver, this item is one of the best game improvement drivers existed on the market.

The GBB driver is also equipped with a simply adjustable 17-gram sliding weight in the driver’s rear that assists you in producing the desired hit shape. Last but not the least, you can choose one of 4 high-performance cylinders to improve velocity, security, energy, command as well as really feel while playing on golf course.



If you are interested in this very club Callaway Men’s GBB Legendary Chauffeur it is easy to find it on the Net.

2.TaylorMade AeroBurner Driver – best game improvement driver for slow swing speed

most forgiving driver 2020

Along with the innovative aerodynamic shape, the AeroBurner driver launched by TaylorMade can easily enrich faster club velocity and also give more distance. And also, it promises that the round will definitely be hit up much higher with a great amount of twist.

Due to a round toe form and also center crown which is raised, sustaining air movement attached to lower drag is actually much easier. Besides, this unit has a thin face and Rate Pocket that aid to increase the sweet spot and flex for the optimum distance.

Additionally, TM Speed Grid and also Matrix Speed RUL Z 50 shaft are actually anticipated for better swing velocity. So, if you want the very best club for slow swing rate, you should think about this very best value driver.

Although there is a lack of flexible parts, the AeroBurner Driver is actually an excellent choice for golfers that play golf not so often due to the fact that it can easily inspire you to come to the golf court more often.



3. TaylorMade M2 460cc Driver - Finest drivers for slicers

best game improvement driver

This very item from TaylorMade appears to be fit for any kind of golf enthusiast, particularly those who are in search of the most ideal drivers for slicers. This product delivers among the highest MOI that you manage to count on to get a best control and also exceptional ranges.

Comparable to the M1, the M2 Driver makes use of a multi-material crown design. This makes it possible to move optional mass lower on the clubhead to create a big pleasant spot. Besides, the M2 makes use of a renovated speed pocket to guarantee that you constantly obtain a severe forgiveness despite the point of influence on the clubhead.

Especially, the M2 460cc Driver emphasizes a luxury Fujikura Go Pro fifty Graphite shaft that is actually offered in 4 various flexes: Stiff, X-Stiff, Senior and Regular. Be sure it doesn’t matter which one you pick, this premium shaft always ensures a durable and also high performance.



If you are interested in this very club TaylorMade Men’s M2 460cc Driver it is easy to find it on the Net.

4. Callaway Men’s XR 16 driver - Best driver for high handicapper

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The Callaway Men’s XR 16 Driver is known the best driver for high handicappers and also for the middle ones. Without any doubts, it is the truth and we gonna explain why.

The initial factor is actually everything about its own big clubhead form. It allows a large shape of Moment of Inertia that is related to one of the deepest lowest centers of gravity positionings in the competitors. But some players assume that the clubhead is a bit big.

The 2nd main factor is the blend of Callaway and also professionals from Boeing. Both have created some of the leading drivers in the aerodynamics division. A lot better aerodynamics, much better placement as well as much less weight imply additional proximity and rate.

The 3rd main reason is the brand new RMOTO Innovation. It offers up to 19% lighter and also thinner that causes more ball speed all over the face. And also the outcome is that you are able to grab unique round velocities, despite exactly how you hit it off the heel, dead center or even off the toe.



If you are interested in this very club Callaway Men’s XR 16 drive it is easy to find it on the Net.

5. Cobra Man’s Fly Z Driver - Best choice for distance

best drivers 2020

With the model of Fly Z, Cobra has developed an impressive driver for newbies and more experienced players. Additionally, this product is one of the best value golf drivers if you want to have more distance.

Due To The Fact That the Cobra Men’s Soar Z Driver includes the adjustable weight in the center, it will definitely let you make all the changes you need. Moreover, it uses a 15-gram easily removable weight in the low-back of the centre, enhancing the forgiveness and also MOI measurements with a much deeper center of gravitation.

In addition to the adjustable loft space, this product includes the SmartPad Modern technology that differs it from the others. It permits you to personalize the velocity and also you may have a better efficiency. And the ability to change the weight in the center of mass (CG) zone permits you to receive a much better balance and larger moment of influence, helping to make the distance much more longer.

As for the shafts, the product of graphite with 3 flexes including regular, stiff, and senior give you an excellent perception that producer has actually generated for every single golf enthusiast. Furthermore, the Fly Z Driver provides a range of colors to pick.



6. Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf Driver - best cheap golf driver under one hundred

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If you’re not planning to spend a fortune, the Pinemeadow 2017 PGX Offset Golf driver will definitely become your best driver under 100. Without doubts, it is actually an awesome product which had great features.

As we can understand from the name of this model, this product possesses the Offset Modern technology that minimizes the slice by means of regularly providing you a square face. In addition, the 10.5 * loft is actually correct to deliver enough mercy for any golf enthusiast that is actually fighting with the impact’s accuracy.

With a matte cover, the Pinemeadow 2017 PGX ensures you are certainly not distracted through any unfavorable glare when you are playing golf on the course.



Some FAQs for choosing the best driver for beginners.

  • What is actually Center of gravity (CG)?

In a golf club head, the CG is the intersection within the club of all the different equilibrium points. It may be figured out using balancing the head on its own sole, face, or any setting on the head.

Because the CG is a solitary point inside the clubhead, its position has to be revealed in 3-dimensions.

– A vertical CG (exactly how higher up in the club head from the sole).

– A straight CG (how far from the middle of the shaft).

– A centre CG (exactly how distant coming from the clubface is placed).


  • Just how to swing a driver for amateurs?

– Set up the shot through starting along with a large viewpoint with the ball put in line with your face heel.

– Ensure that your weight is actually placed a little more on the back leg. And remember to tip your back so that your right shoulder is actually a bit lower than the left one (if you are actually a right-handed player).

– Begin pushing the clubhead at a reduced angle and after that put your weight to the backfoot.

– After that, swing the driver downward once again in a hassle-free stroke. Always remember to maintain keep your feet flat and put your weight quickly to the main shoe.

– When turning, you need to maintain your arms stretched as much as it is possible.

– You only need to raise as well as switch the backfoot after attacking the ball, certainly not before.

– In the end, try to follow through folding the front elbow joint and crossing the back forearm over your front lower arm. This improves the velocity of the driver’s clubhead.

best golf drivers for beginners

Final thought

After checking out the best 6 drivers for beginners above, can you pick the one to better your game? As a beginner in the golf game, try to understand crucial elements just before making a decision. Depending on that, every little thing will definitely be easy. And also the end result is that you will certainly possess good drivers for beginners in order to make your performance much more better.

Just in case you want to know the best of the best, we will recommend the Callaway Golf 2017 Man’s Great Big Bertha Epic Driver. This item includes a breakthrough innovation, named the Breakout Technology that differs it from other competitors. Moreover, it supplies a max mercy in addition to a precision shot-shape controlling.

If you believe us, shop for it right now and you quickly acknowledge why we are actually recommending this product.

One more time, thanks for reading the article about very good golf drivers and we hope it was useful for you.

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