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Like all golf players, girls want to show a good performance on the golf course no matter the difficulties that exist due to their stature.

Tiny ladies are typically between 5’0″ feet to 5’5″ feet, and in order to achieve that perfect swing and killer outcomes, you have to take a club specifically made to suit those heights.

So here we are again, with the best golf clubs for petite ladies review.

Be sure to check our buying guide here to know what to look out for before buying something.

Best Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies 2022:

Here are the top golf clubs for petite ladies that you should check out!

Golf Woman FWS2 Petite Lady10/10 [Editor's Pick]
Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set9.5/10
Aspire Golf X1 Women’s Set9.5/10
Tour Edge Women's Lady Edge9/10
Callaway Solaire Complete Set8.5/10
Precise AMG Deluxe Petite Ladies8/10
Wilson Women's Ultra Clubs7.5/10

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1. Golf Woman FWS2 Petite Lady

Why we love it:Golf Woman FWS2 Petite Lady

  • Light luxurious bag with a lot of pockets
  • Good price
  • Light-weight graphite shafts
They are available in lavender colorNone
Left-handed possibility
Well balanced

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2. Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set Clubs

Believe Ladies Complete Golf Set ClubsWhy we love it:


  • The broad sole on the irons enhances turf communication
  • Good price, not so expensive
  • Light-weight graphite shafts
460cc driver for maximum forgiveness
the bag is not a stand bag
Easy to handle
To enhance security and stability there are the mallet putter heel and toe weights as well

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3. Aspire Golf X1 Women’s Set

 Aspire Golf X1 Women’s Set

Why we love it:

  • Affordable
  • High-quality clubs
  • Comes with a stand bag
Good price – for your initial set, these are ideal as they will not cost you a lot of moneyThe grips aren't adjusted properly
Resistance and durabilityCan be better with a sand wedge
All clubs in the petite collection are 1" shorter than the common length

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4. Tour Edge Women’s Lady Edge

Tour Edge Women’s Lady EdgeWhy we love it:


  • Lightweight
  • Easier to control
  • Affordable
Hybrids change the long and also mid irons
There can be few problems about the durability of these irons
oversized driver head help reach from 60 to 80 backyards to your flightThey can become deformed as well as the paint wears out after numerous rounds
Not so expensive
Graphite shafts

5. Callaway Solaire Complete Golf Set

Callaway Solaire Complete Golf SetWhy we love it:


  • Modestly designed clubs and carry bag
  • Easier to control
  • Brilliant Putter Grip
Power-effective style Often cases of heads falling off
Hybrids change the tough long and mid irons
Rearward internal weighting which permits longer flights

Callaway clubs are very famous for their versatility, high quality, and unbelievable cost. So talking about the Solaire clubs, they are not very different from others in all these qualities. However, in fact, some girls have reported a glitch in them (will talk about it later).

6. Precise AMG Deluxe Petite Ladies Clubs

Precise AMG Deluxe Petite Ladies ClubsWhy we love it:


  • Easier to control and manage
  • Ergonomic design
  • Compact size
Graphite shafts None
very easy to hit
Not expensive

The next item in our best ladies petite golf clubs review is these amazing Precise AMG Deluxe Petite Ladies Clubs. These clubs are excellent for small women as their shaft length is between 5″ and 5′ 5″. The set includes a golf driver, a 3 wood, a 24 * hybrid, 6-PW irons, a luxurious stand bag, and 3 coordinating headcovers.

7. Wilson Women’s Ultra Clubs

Wilson Women’s Ultra ClubsWhy we love it:

  • 9 high-quality clubs
  • Enhanced head design
  • Aesthetically pleasing
Enhanced distanceNo variants for left-handed women
Beautiful Design
Very Affordable


These are the most effective clubs for petite ladies which you can choose from according to your preferences. Provided some of the problems short ladies face during the game with usual length shafts, the above clubs are made to fit their golf game and even to improve it. Be careful while buying because several of the clubs in our review are available in the usual size and you need to be sure that you’ve chosen the right fit. We hope you have enjoyed this review as we tried to find excellent options for you to choose.

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Buying Guide for Best Golf Clubs for Petite Ladies: 

The first is, of course, the weight of your clubs. Petite women do far better with light-weight, adaptable clubs. The second point to take into consideration is the shafts. The right size, flex, and also weight will certainly have a big impact on the results and to make these results great you should take into account all these factors.

Having stated that, we have actually made a list of the best ladies petite golf clubs to help you in the choice process.

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