Top 9 Golf Bags for Cart Riders

Are you ready to renew your old, bulky golf bag and choose one of the best golf cart bags of 2019? We will help you to do that.

If we talk about picking the right golf bag, then you have two major possibilities to choose from: a stand bag or a cart bag. And while the golf market wants to make a crossbreed version of both, I would advise you to choose one or the other, not a hybrid.

Golf stand bags are made for walking your following round and also having a bit of workout. Cart bags are usually bigger than stand bags because they have more pockets, typically different storage space for each club, and usually implied for riding or push carts. Trying to make hybrid bags the producers want to take the very best features of both but, in fact, it is not a very good idea.

If you think that you are ready to have a new golf cart bag, we are here to provide you the very best golf cart bag reviews to make your decision faster. Further you will find the criteria which you need to take into account while you are choosing your next golf cart bag and the best offers on the market.

best golf cart bag

How to Pick the Best Golf Cart Bag For You

When you have actually chosen a cart bag you should get to know what functions are offered with each of them. This will certainly make it very easy to compare the brand names as well as decide which of them is the most effective one for your game and your budget.

Here you can find a few of the points to take into consideration when choosing your next bag.


If you are going to take your bag with you very often, the total weight should be among your greatest problems. I’m sure that hurting your back is the last point that you want to do, especially before you even succeeded onto the first tee. Even if you are going to use this bag for riding, you intend to make sure it’s not too hard to transfer back and forth from your car. Furthermore, the bag people will certainly like it also.

In picking the best cart bag, I suggest discovering the leading 2 or 3 and basing it on weight as well as price if you can’t seem to narrow it down. Furthermore, if it’s not so heavy, you can always include it to a push-cart in the future too.

Pockets and Storage

Among the biggest advantages of using cart bags is a huge amount of storage if we compare it with a stand bag. It’s very easy to neglect how much equipment golf enthusiasts pack for an ordinary round of golf. Balls, tees, additional clothing, treats, golf gadgets and also possibly a couple of can drinks.

Some of the golf bags in our golf cart bags review even have a few pockets for your clothes, balls, tees, and also a cooler pocket. Lots of best cart golf bags also have an umbrella holder so even if the weather conditions are not so well, you can be saved from the rain, for example.

Divider System

There is one great distinction between stand bags and cart bags and it is that cart bags have a divider system to guarantee that clubs have their own area inside the bag. This is a big advantage over stand bags which don’t have them and also can make it a trouble to take out each club. The number of divider can be different in each model, however, most of them have one for each driver.

While the majority of cart bags do have divider panels, some bags have no divider system at all. When you have a bag with 14 dividers it makes it very easy to get the right club as well as quickly understand if you left one back a couple of openings earlier. Furthermore, with dividers make sure to see if it’s the highest level or full-length bag divider as well. Unabridged dividers guarantee it is through the entire bag as well as won’t ever obtain twisted.

best golf cart bags

Putter Well

While stand bags do not have putter wells, cart bags do and that makes it very easy to discover and grab the putter you need. It’s normally placed kind of separately and provide good protection for your putter. If you’re spending a fortune on a Taylormade Crawler or Titleist Scotty Cameron putter so it is a very big advantage of cart bags.

Rainfall Hood

Every bag I have formerly owned already come with a coordinating rainfall hood and that is why I was sure that every golf bag has a rainfall hood. But in fact, that’s not like that with all stand bags. If the bag that you want to buy doesn’t have an included rain hood, make sure that you don’t forget to get one independently.

Some bags also have a traveling hood too or you can take a look at our finest bags to make taking a trip with your sticks very easy.

Towel Ring

In most cases, you’ll find a towel clip, loop or ring on one of the sides. This makes it simple to keep a towel hand for cleaning your clubs and equipment down. If you are located in place where there is a lot of winter golf I recommend to pay attention on this fact as it helps not to lose your towel every time.

Handle and Padding

When you are choosing the perfect bag for you, take into consideration about what type of handle the bag has. The reason is that it should be comfortable to carry it. Some bags have one huge band (exactly how tour caddies utilize it) while others have a little carrying handle.

9 Best Golf Cart Bags for 2020




golf cart bags review

Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag

golf cart bags review

PING Golf Men’s Pioneer Cart Bag

best cart golf bag

Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag

best golf cart bags

Founders Club Premium Golf Bag

best golf cart bags

Ogio 2018 Cirrus Cart Bag

golf cart bag reviews

Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag

best cart golf bag

Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag

best cart golf bag

Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

cart golf bags with full-length dividers

Cobra Golf 2018 King Stand Bag


1. Sun Mountain C-130 Golf Cart Bag

golf cart bags review

Sun Mountain is popular for producing top golf items of high quality, particularly stand and cart bags. The Sun Mountain C130 has a lot of advantages as there is not only a big variety of colors but also the golf bag is very convenient to use because it has lots of helpful pockets. Actually, you can find some place for everything you need, for example, drinks, rain gear, as well as accessories because this very bag has ten pockets and it means much space.


  • 14-way unabridged divider panel
  • Rain hood is included
  • All handles are placed at the top of the bag
  • Smart strap system helps to keep bag fixed to the cart while moving
  • You can choose from 11 different colors (with different accent patterns). We customized some patterns like camouflage, USA red/white/blue and many others


  • Integrated putter well doesn't work if you have a very big putter head
  • Not so many modifications except new colors

A lot of golf players like this mid-priced bag and find it appealing because of some factors, and the most important one is a big choice of colors, you can even have your own design. There are eleven colors and patterns you can pick from, which is sufficient to satisfy multiple style preferences. This is a great style that is tailored towards golfers with any experience.

2. PING Golf Men's Pioneer Cart Bag

golf cart bags review

Another popular brand which is known by almost everybody is Ping and that’s been on the market a very long time. The Ping Golf Pioneer Cart bag is bag of average price that has actually been very popular in the golf cart bags market for some time.

Even if you have a previous variation of this bag you should try this one because this is a large update with lots of modifications. In fact, the weight of this bag is two pounds less than the Sun Mountain bag which we mentioned before, and it also has anti-rip polyester to make it exceptionally resilient.

As I stated, I don’t really like carrying cart bags yet since the weight of this one is just 7 pounds, golf enthusiasts have stated that there was no problem to carry it with them. And also, it has a unique non-slip bottom that allows you conveniently use it with a pushcart too.


  • It is just 7-pounds weight
  • Twin velour-lined pockets for your valuable things
  • Polypropylene top with anti-flex walls
  • It has eleven pockets with two big ones for clothes
  • Quick accessibility pocket is magnetic for your divot devices and also ball markets
  • If you wish your name or nickname to easily recognize your bag the round pocket panel is customizable


  • Almost no color choice, just black and also navy which are nice yet its lack of color pattern is an disadvantage

The Pioneer is a perfect choice for golf players who like to bring with them a lot of staff each round because it has a lot of storage area. Having so many pockets, you will certainly be able to bring all your equipment to the golf course.

The bag additionally includes 15 full-length divider panels. According to the rules, you can have only 15 clubs, and not more, but the additional storage is great if you have placement poles, ball retriever or are examining out an added club.

3. Bag Boy Golf Chiller Cart Bag

best cart golf bag


If you’re a person who appreciates a couple of chilly ones on the course, the Bag Boy Golf Chiller cart bag is an excellent choice for you. Furthermore, you can choose from a variety of colors but the most significant feature is the integrated, protected cooler. Imagine, it can hold six 12 ounce cans as well as it has an additional 9 various other storage space pockets too.


  • 15-way unabridged divider
  • You can choose from 5 different colors
  • Removable cooler can fit six cans
  • A lot of space for all your staff


  • As the price of this golf cart bag is lower, some customers have actually noticed that zippers are of has a lot of storage area and durability is not as good

It is a perfect bag for golf enthusiasts who not only wish to have some additional storage space but also for those who want to save some cash by missing the drink cart. And we all understand it because all of us know how high the prices for beer or water can be on the golf course!

4. Founders Club Premium Golf Bag

best golf cart bags

If you don’t want to spend a fortune and also wish to conserve cash for the round of golf, the Founders Club Premium cart bag is a perfect option for you. It’s an inexpensive cart bag that can additionally be used for both push or pull carts.

It includes a hard-top technology that maintains club heads seated and also organized during transit. Having such a low price, it is surprising that the material of this cart bag is of top quality. The fabrics which this bag is made from are a little bit lightweight but the bag seems to be resilient with lots of club protection from the shaped top. This will help to keep your clubs from banging about in the cart as well as also will let you appreciate a much quieter round of golf.


  • Good price
  • Velour-lined pockets for your valuable things
  • Rubberized safety slot innovation
  • Golf ball is separated and tee pocket
  • Separate fridge pocket that keeps drinks cool


  • Its weight is about 9 pounds, so it’s kind of heavy
  • Doesn't fit jumbo grasps in the putter well
  • Not so much storage space, just six pockets

As the price is not so high, this bag is a wonderful value if you are on a budget. Furthermore, it is cart golf bags with fourteen full-length dividers and a big variety of colors in order to match your equipment. Anyway, it’s a perfect bag in terms of money.

5. Ogio 2018 Cirrus Cart Bag

best golf cart bags

The Ogio 2018 Cirrus cart bag is another low cost cart bag that offsets in storage for the previous one on this list. In total it has nine storage pockets but it there is no cooler pocket like in the Founders Club cart bag.

You have a possibility to choose from four colors which are black, bolt green, ruptured blue as well as rush red. The club has fifteen divider panels in order to not make your sticks get crashed each other when you’re in the cart too. This bag additionally has a rainfall hood and double strap if you want to walk rather than ride.


  • Choose from four beautiful colors
  • Cellular phone sleeve can take care of big phones
  • All 9 pockets are zippered with a fleece lined prized possessions pocket
  • Huge 15-way barrel cart top (just 9 are unabridged dividers)


  • The material this bag is made from seems a bit cheaper

The pocket for your valuable possessions is fleece lined and is protected from rain. This bag has a lot of good features in spite of the fact that it doesn’t cost so much.

6. Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag

golf cart bag reviews

As I have already said earlier, Sun Mountain is a very good bag that appeared in our review twice. The , Sun Mountain Sync Cart Bag is a mid-priced bag the weight of which is only 6 pounds! If you’re a person that does not intend to deal with obtaining a bag in and out of a cars or truck, this is a perfect option for you. It’s far more compact and smooth than a few of the others in our review.

There is a big 15-way divider that keep all of your golf clubs as they are unabridged dividers. In general, it is a very good package that has a lot of pockets to put your staff.


  • Pocket which is waterproofed
  • 9 pockets with enough space to keep your staff
  • Comfy straps on top of the bag
  • The weight is just 6 pounds which approaches the very best stand bags


  • No carrying manage in the front as its largely produced electrical or push carts

For golf players that wish lots of space, light-weight, and really reasonably price this very bag is a perfect option. In fact, it has a lot of pockets, sand even some specific ones for cell phone, rangefinder, and also various other gadgets. Plus, the putter well is large as well as will fit holds like the Fatso 5.0.

7. Callaway Golf Org 14 Cart Bag

best cart golf bag

The Callaway Golf Org 14 cart bag is another option on the list of best golf cart bags for 2019 and it has a lots of excellent features. One of the wonderful things about this bag is that you can choose from seven available shades. Furthermore, it features the insulated beverage pockets which let you keep drinks chilly.

This cart bag is designed for an electrical cart yet you can conveniently push as the weight is just 6 pounds. The left side pocket additionally has a cleverly concealed sleeve for your golf umbrella plus slots for tees on the outside.

Lastly, the section for clubs is perfectly made with details sleeves for each and every divider panel guaranteed. This will assist stop your clubs from going into other areas at the end of the bag and obtaining upset mid-round.


  • Double pen holder
  • Big choice of colors: seven shades
  • 14 way leading with full length dividers
  • Dual magnetic pockets for valuable things
  • Dual separate pockets for drinks
  • A lot of storage place for accessories and other staff as pockets are quite deep
  • Rain hood included


  • No carry handle on the front of the bag
  • Buying a substitute rainfall hood for this version is a difficult process

As it combines the elegant style, color choice, storage space (including drink insulation) makes this cart bag a wonderful option. Furthermore, the weight of the Org 14 Bag is only six pounds and the price is not so high.

8. Taylor Made Flextech Crossover Stand Bag

best cart golf bag

The main advantage of the Flextech Crossover is that their stand bags are durable inside and out which are the main features that should be taken into account. This mid-priced golf bag can take a lot on the golf court if you’re playing golf every day. You can choose from black, red, navy and grey colors. So in spite of the fact that the choice is not very big the design is still well done. You have an isolated canteen pocket which you can reach easily while the dual density strap makes it comfy to carry a heavy load. Without any doubts, it is a perfect bag which will be with you lots of years and you won’t need to buy a new one every year.

Who’s It For?

In general, this bag is the most appropriate item for beginners because they will certainly obtain even more mileage with this bag than any other user. The reason is that it was made with their needs in mind so it is a good starter bag. Mid and specialist individuals are less likely to get the most out of this bag considering that it is lacking a great deal of luxury crucial attributes for their play styles.


  • Perfect durability
  • Double density strap has a nice feel
  • Big pocket for bottle with water that is separated
  • Quick release, double density strap
  • You valuable things are protected from bad weather conditions
  • Included rainfall hood is of the same good quality as the bag


  • If you are not a beginner, you won’t find this bag a good option

9. Cobra Golf 2018 King Stand Bag?

cart golf bags with full-length dividers

The first thing I want to say is that the Cobra Golf 2018 King Stand Bag is available in black and grey colors. It is another inexpensive model in our review with its own set of really intuitive attributes. One of those is the oversized clothing pocket with crucial clip. With some cautious packaging, you can fit a lot of garments into its large area. The pocket for valuable things gets equivalent therapy as well as lugs a lot more than a regular bag. Cobra describes its base as ‘very easy flex’ and also it actually does stand up well to that name. The durability is perfect and this stand bag will retain its form even after years of use.


  • Bag keeps its good shape for years
  • 14 way top with complete length club divider panels
  • Protected drink pocket
  • Easy flex base for optimum ground contact
  • Quick release shoulder bands
  • Zippered cooler pocket
  • Hip pad with constructed in great circulation foam


  • Small choice of colors, only 2 possibilities

It is good option for golf players who need more space in their bags. This bag has all the necessary functions so it becomes appealing to players of different levels, so even specialists will certainly obtain a lot of mileage out of this bag. If you have a great deal of clubs and devices, then this is the bag to obtain.

Last Thoughts on Selecting Your Next Cart Bag

You can find a lot of fantastic cart bags out there and it is necessary to find one that’ll meet all of your golf requirements. You should decide which features do you want to see in your perfect bag, what is more important for you and what is less. In fact, every one of these bags have 12-month guarantee and should be in use for years.

Hopefully, this review will certainly aid you find the best golf cart bag for you as well as keep making 2019 the very best golf year yet. After you have actually discovered the best bags, you are able to choose the most suitable for your game.

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