Skechers Golf Shoes Reviews: Why These Shoes are Unique?

skechers golf shoe review

For most people, Skechers are associated with footwear, but possibly not with golf shoes. Maybe you didn’t even know that Skechers created and marketed golf shoes. To your surprise, the reality is, however, that Skechers has 39 versions of golf shoes for guys as well as 26 versions of golf shoes for ladies.

Usually, these shoes are typical but, at the same time, quite affordable. It should be emphasized that the feedback that Skechers golf shoes get is in most cases very positive.

We wish to reveal this information for you and also offer you more details in our Skechers golf shoe review to help you make the very best possible choice.

What are Skechers Golf Shoes in our Golf Shoes Review

Skechers launches one new line of golf shoes per year. Their offerings were disclosed in February of this year. Skechers golf shoes are included in their GO GOLF shoe line.

Even though the shoes have actually been gotten rather well by novices as well as experts earlier, 2021 is a great year for Skechers’ GO GOLF range. And the GO GOLF Elite V. 3 was included in the release of new golf shoes by Skechers.

skechers golf shoe review
Skechers Men’s Go Golf Pro 3 Shoe

The GO GOLF Elite V. 3 got the title of the most effective Male’s Golf Shoe by Golf Digest and was among the Best Spikeless Shoe of by MyGolfSpy.

Skechers president Michael Greenberg shared the firm’s exhilaration and identified the future of golf shoes as an ongoing part of the Skechers brand.

In our review we want to share with you a little part of his speech: “We are very proud to be acknowledged as top performers and producers in the golf industry. Our Skechers GO GOLF ® collection outmatched among competitors and the reason for this is that we use our special technologies to deliver on both stability and also comfort. And the fact that we are on the list of the best  Spikeless with MyGolfSpy for 2 successive years even better shows the integrity of the GO GOLF line both on the course and beyond it.”

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Why Skechers Golf Shoes are Unique?

There may still be hesitant about the fact that Skechers produce golf shoes of top quality and the reason for this is that most people associate this brand with casual clothes and only sometimes with performance shoes. Further, we will give you more details about the products of this brand, especially of golf shoes supplied by Skechers, and reveal some secret information about technology which is unique.

The present highest-tech offering in the GO GOLF line of Skechers golf shoes is the GO GOLF Pro V. 3. Matt Kuchar, a member of the Skechers golf group, developed and designed this exact model by himself which is Matt Kuchar golf shoes. At the moment, Kuchar plays on the PGA Tour however used to play in the Nationwide Tour. Kuchar is a very professional player who has gained $30 million as well as taking one of the places in the top ten around 80 times over the period of the last 12 years.

Skechers Softspikes technology is in action when we talk about the GO GOLF Pro V. 3 which is equipped with it. This technology makes the replacement of cleat spikes on the bottom of the show extremely easy as they wear down gradually using Softspikes’ Steal PIN system.

Furthermore, you cannot deny that the GO GOLF Pro V. 3 footwear is really comfortable. If you choose these shoes you will get each shoe with a midfoot support modern technology, a supported sole, and lightweight amortization. Durability is an indisputable fact when we come to these shoes because the upper component is built of smooth leather. We should also note that the GO GOLF Pro V. 3 is water-proof.

Currently, the price for the GO GOLF Pro V. 3 is $150, which is an extremely good price taking into account that it is the first-rate footwear offering by Skechers.

If you are ready to pay $10 more, you will get an updated variation of these shoes. This updated version of the Skechers GO GOLF Pro V. 3 has an upper layer that is constructed of premium quality, full-grain premium natural leather. Be careful, you can have the updated premium shoes only in Navy Blue.

One consumer shared that this is the factor they purchased this very footwear in the first place yet said that they were happy they did it without paying attention.

“It was the first pair of Skechers I ever had, and I am entirely stunned. Generally, because I was in the market for Navy Blue footwear. After years of getting various other high-end brands, I decided to try Matt Kuchar’s shoes. The commercial concerning playing one more 36 is in its place even now. It feels like you are walking on clouds as you glide across the putting green and heading to the very first tee.”

Skechers offer other, a lot more affordable golf shoes as well.

For instance, the Skechers GO GOLF Fairway shoe. They are superb golf shoes that are sold at a very good price so everybody can afford them. Advantages of the GO GOLF Fairway consist of

  • Soft sole
  • Supported midsole
  • Cushioned outsole
  • The breathable textile upper building
  • Lightweight building

Due to the lightweight of this footwear and just how much padding is included inside, this certain model of Skechers golf shoe has found fairly the target market amongst those recouping from an injury.

One of the customers who had an injury and used these shoes after recovering shared his opinion about the footwear on the Skechers internet site. Here it is.

” After having a foot surgical procedure some years ago, I had difficulties trying to find a comfortable golf shoe. I decided to buy these wishing for the best, and also after 48 rounds last weekend can confirm these are exceptionally comfortable! What’s more, they are very light-weight too. Without any doubts, I would definitely advise it.”

We have found another opinion which you can read further: “Extremely comfortable golf shoes. I have plantar fasciitis and these shoes are extremely well even with such a disease. I can walk as usual when I play golf and also these are excellent even when I play 36 holes”.

If you’re a golf enthusiast who doesn’t want animals to suffer from being used in the production of shoes, you will more than happy to know that Skechers offers numerous full-vegan models of golf shoes. While lots of other producers of golf shoes on the market today harm animals to create their shoes, the GO GOLF line from Skechers offers their Drive, Fairway, as well as Focus shoes in variations that are 100 percent free from animal products.

We should say that in the Skechers GO GOLF line the Drive shoe is a really attractive golf shoe as well. Even though it is fully vegan we want to give you more details on what these shoes have as advantages.

To keep your feet completely dry while you are playing golf, the Skechers GO GOLF Drive 3 footwear has a moisture-wicking lining. The textile and synthetic product construction is extremely long-lasting and also does not hurt any animals when it is being produced. Finally, the shoe is furnished with a high-rebound insole for added amortization.

You shouldn’t look at the low price of $85 but we can say for sure that these shoes are of high quality.

Some feedback to make you sure.

” I have the shoes for golf and I like them for their feel and comfort. At the moment, I can’t be sure about the durability as I’ve just made use of the footwear a couple of rounds. I could wear these shoes even in everyday life because they are so elegant and stylish … but, I have 3 other sets of Skechers for that objective,” wrote one reviewer.

Durability and comfort are the main advantages of Skechers golf shoes, which is paradoxical because numerous significant companies of golf devices have trouble nailing comfortability also in their chicest models of shoes.

Skechers Golf Shoes Pricing

As for prices, it appears that Skechers Golf Shoes cannot be defeated. While various other firms’ prices are too high as a result of their sponsorship campaigns, perfect expensive advertising, or overstated claims of excellence, customers usually don’t expect remarkable golf shoes from Skechers because that is not their priority.

But this is exactly the fact that permits Skechers shoes to be not so expensive.

To make it more clear, we are going to contrast the price of Skechers GO GOLF Elite V. 3 with one more similar golf shoe. Good footwear to contrast the Elite V. 3 with is the Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe.

Nevertheless, the price of Skechers footwear is just $100. The Adidas shoe is nearly 10 years old. It depends on what color and size do you need but the price of Adidas Adipower S Boost 3 Golf Shoe is up to $252 per pair.

So it is up to you what to choose. While some golf players will certainly not be satisfied using shoes that are not really associated with golf as a sport, and it is normal because all people are different and have different needs. At the same time, other golf players appreciate that they can save some money buying shoes offered by Skechers and they don’t care that the brand isn’t linked to golf directly.

Exactly How Skechers Golf shoe Contrast

According to our Skechers golf shoe review, these shoes can be good competitors for other golf shoes produced by different companies.

We stated previously that some specific models of Skechers golf shoes had actually received some prizes this year from MyGolfSpy.

We have found a press release on Nasdaq’s internet site, in which there is a description that reveals that MyGolfSpy carries out real, quantifiable side-by-side examining to make their rankings reasonable.

golf shoes review
Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3

” MyGolfSpy puts together leading products from each golf shoe category, which are put through extensive side-by-side testing as well as scored across a range of heavy groups. Their results are based on factors including security given by the footwear throughout the round in addition to convenience of the footwear that a golf enthusiast obtains directly from the box and also during the swing. Golf Digest’s studies are drawn by Golf Datatech – a research firm giving the golf sector with customized marketing research.”

The process of the examination of the product was further outlined by MyGolfSpy. They asked gamers to make 8 shots while wearing each set of footwear that should be examined. Gamers ranked each shoe on a variety of aspects both throughout the testing process and after it was completed. Furthermore, members of the publication checked the shoes after each test without making players know about that – checking out the insoles, midsoles, and also outsoles for anything that can impact capability or comfort.


skechers golf shoe review
Skechers Men’s Go Golf Elite 3

” This year we decided to examine the spikeless shoe with even more crucial scoring and also using improved methods. Everything was based on an intensive check-out of the marketplace and feedback from customers. Some vital results of this research affected the footwear screening procedure.

With the help of this head-to-head examination technique, players identified that the Skechers GO GOLF Elite V. 3 is

  • Exceptionally comfortable
  • Excellent footwear for walking
  • Extremely stable while swinging
  • Low to the ground with wonderful grip
  • Perfect golf shoes
  • Good stability

The only “disadvantage” of this footwear is that not everybody likes Skechers style. In general, in the head-to-head examination, the shoe received a score of 88.25/ 100.

What is our opinion about Skechers Golf Shoes?

We have no embarrassment in stating that we were happily stunned by the products in Skechers’ GO GOLF line. This brand is not traditionally connected with golf tools that is why it is quite surprising that they launch a line of shoes that meet almost all sensible requirements and expectations of a golfer.

If you try to find some good golf shoes recommended by a professional golf enthusiast at a not so high price, it will be impossible to find one and it will never be as perfect as Skechers shoes. It should be emphasized that numerous Skechers golf shoes were not only endorsed by professional golf players, but also some of them were even created by professionals.

Some golf players do not like the style of Skechers shoes. And, while they aren’t very fashionable, there is nothing wrong with the design of many Skechers golf shoes. We’d rather say that they are standard or even traditional but no doubts that they of high quality.

Skechers footwear is available everywhere. You can find several pairs of Skechers shoes at any standard shoe distributor in your city. This can be a huge advantage in an online marketplace. When various other companies want you to buy shoes choosing the sizing, fit, as well as design let’s say blindly, from their internet shop, Skechers footwear can be found in offline shops throughout the world.

If you have not tried these shoes, you should definitely have a look at Skechers and try them when you will be choosing your next pair of shoes for a golf game. It doesn’t matter how much money do you have, you will find an ideal option for you. Many specific features on the shoes line up with each other. If you are impressed by this company and its products due to our review, you can just go directly to one of the shops in your town to try out a pair of Skechers, we assure you that you will like it.

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